"Oops!" The American Pin-Up: An Ignored Art Form

An Ignored Art Form.This past spring term I enrolled in an art history course: History of Design. One assignment was to write an essay about an artist or movement. If the artist or topic was not discussed in class, you had to get it approved by the professor. I thought about going the easy route and discuss Toulouse Lautrec and his work at the Moulin Rouge, or I could try to argue to write a paper about the pin-up – which is what I went for, and thankfully, my professor said yes. So, I went at it, using my pin-up books as resources, and for images I drew largely from my personal collection.

If you are interested in reading my essay, you may access it through downloading a PDF here:Oops! The American Pin-Up: An Ignored Art Form

This essay is also be available on my About page under “Work Samples”.

Tomorrow brings the July Antique Expo in Portland as put on by the wonderful people at Palmer-Wirfs plus the Baxter Historic Races at Portland International Raceway. Finds and pictures will be posted! Have a lovely weekend!

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