I'm engaged!

Four years together is just the beginningWell, I’ve been engaged since Friday actually, but I didn’t post about it when I discussed Big Bad Voodoo Daddy because I hadn’t yet told all of my family, and I felt they should know first. Anyhow, I’m thrilled. Patrick and I have known each other since we were Sophomores in high school, and after a few dates our Junior year, we began going out in our Senior year and we’ve been together ever since. As you can see, he proposed in a photobooth, which actually does have meaning to us, so it wasn’t totally random. It’s also nice to capture the moment on film.

Today, Patrick went and talked to my dad, and it went smoothly, except for my dad did ask how we intended on paying for it. But right now, we are planning for a date in December 2010, which gives us time to save. As for other details…we know the color scheme and theme, Tiffany blue and Oregon. I’m thinking a cake of the Portland skyline similar to one that was done on Ace of Cakes for Baltimore.

My goodness, what an October it was.

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