Young Couple Seeks New Home + Hawthorne

The main reason for our visit to the Rose City was to search, and hopefully secure, a new place, since we are relocating to Portland after graduation from the UO.So, Thursday was spent running around town looking at various apartments and houses. The process was painful, disappointing, but also hopeful and had me falling head-over-heels in love with a certain location. So knock on wood, cross your fingers and say a prayer that we get approved for this pad that has me crazy.But of course we wouldn’t venture into the city without visiting our favorite downtown haunts, which include Powell’s, Rocco’s Pizza, the Ace Hotel (for their photobooth) and an array of other shops.

Hitting our old haunts

Meanwhile, we couldn’t spend time in the area without hitting up Hawthorne and all of its vintage glory. From Lounge Lizard to House of Vintage to Red Light, Hawthorne has amazing goods to offer the vintage lover. (As soon as we move into Portland, I plan to write a thorough review of all the shops along the infamous street.)

Maybe you should see what you can find.

It was a fairly hot day for us Oregonians, with temperatures in the mid-70s, so the 40 block walk was draining at times, so pardon the mess I am. We took the 14 bus to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer and then walked our way down, stopping in at various shops, and ultimately ended up at Burgerville…the Northwest’s answer to In-n-Out.

Ah, perfection at work.As for the finds…I’m sad to say it wasn’t much. I picked up a few contemporary sweaters (hey, a girl can’t buy vintage all the time), and bought Pat a tie. But I did find these amazing Daniel Green lounging slippers! I pulled them off the shelf and said “Where have you been all my life!?” Pat looked at them and said “Those are ridiculous,” and I said, “Yeah, ridiculously awesome!” The mink pom-poms just make them to die for!I’ve been looking for some lounging slippers for some time and have stumbled upon some Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood feather ones, but never as outrageous as these.According to Patrick, they are utterly impractical, but to me they are a dream come true!And they were only $12.00!!

After a long day of walking, drooling over expensive items and purchases, we headed back to Eugene for our last month of classes, but the vintage swag didn’t end there, since the Coburg city wide garage sale was Saturday and the Picc-a-Dilly was Sunday!

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