Puzzles, Pompoms and Pockets!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine this year proved a bit more colorful than past years.  Patrick and I spent Christmas Eve at his aunt and uncle’s with his mother’s side of the family, and then we spent Christmas day with my mom and went to Eugene to visit my dad and brother. Regardless of how fractured our families are, I am thankful to have them.

Christmas at my dad’s was warm and full of vintage goodies under the tree, including more 1964 presidential race memorabilia and pin-ups.  My brother added to my bar ware with some fabulous Tom Collins size glasses with etched stars in them, which matched some martini and champagne glasses I have.  My mom gave me a lovely box for my gloves and a vintage wooden ironing board – that may not sound too exciting to you, but I have craved a wooden ironing board my whole life  My dad gave me a vintage Zorro puzzle, which had me thrilled, since I adore the Disney version of the masked man.  As soon as we returned to Portland, I thrust open the box to piece it together.  Sadly, it is missing seven pieces.  But I had fun regardless, and it will be a nice addition to my relatively small Zorro collection.  Besides, it’s 45 years old, I bet it’s been through a lot!

Patrick this year got pretty sneaky, by conspiring with Carla at Bohemian Vintage and gave me a wrap that I had been drooling over for weeks, but could not afford with my post-college wallet.

I’m over the moon with it, since it has two things I adore – pompoms and pockets!  I can’t wait until I have an event to wear it too!

I hope you all have a lovely and safe New Years!

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