Mrs. Peel – We’re Needed

Among the long list of television shows and movies I watched as a child that my father felt was necessary for me to watch in becoming a cultured person was the British cult classic show The Avengers.  It kicked off a long lasting and still fiery passion for quirky British shows that now includes the likes of Doctor Who and The Prisoner.  While The Avengers had a varied cast, ever constant in it was Patrick Macnee, starring as the ever dapper John Steed.  He had various companions who aided him in stopping evil masterminds and their devilish plans, but none was more popular and stylish than Mrs. Emma Peel, played by the gorgeous Diana Rigg, who went on to become James Bond’s wife in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

During her 51 episode stint, Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel became known for her outrageous fashions, including the somewhat fetishy jumpsuits, which became known as Emmapeelers.

As described here in this issue of TV Guide, TB Jones Ltd. did a run of Emmapeelers for the public to own and karate chop their way out of sticky situations, but there was of course a range of knock-offs as there would be with any popular and iconic item.  I myself had the luxury of finding a knock-off  (produced by Apple Pie) a few weeks ago at none other than Bohemian Vintage.

Carla posted a picture of this beauty hanging in her shop, and I quickly ran over (literally, I live a block away).  The thing was still there (because, honestly who else would want a purple jumpsuit, right?) and fit like a glove! And I just happen to have this fab purple boots that worked out perfectly! Cue quirky posing…

Now, I just need to get Patrick a dapper three-piece suit and a bowler and we’re set!

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