A Little Slice of Home at Disneyland

A few years ago I purchased a plaid woolen skirt, a staple of any vintage wardrobe, at the shop I used to work at in college.  I pulled it out because I noticed it was a lightweight wool, instead of the thick and rather heavy versions that are common ’round these parts.

Then, to determine the age, I looked at the label…and to my delight I also observed another label.

While the Pendleton label dates this skirt to the 1970s, which was a bit of a disappointment, I was very pleased with this Disneyland label! So how does a piece of Oregon end up in Disneyland…?  Here’s the scoop.  Pendleton Woolen Mills, located in Pendleton, Oregon, opened up shop 1909.  Oregon became a perfect place for the wool industry, not only was Oregon perfect for raising sheep, there was a demand for it due to the continuous rain of the state.  Mens shirts and blankets were really all that were sold until 1949 when the company introduced womens wear and the acclaimed 49’er jacket was born.  The company continued to grow and became the “Rolls Royce” of woolen wear in the United States.

When Disneyland opened in 1955, Pendleton was one of three companies that chose to actually lease out a store front (the others included Kodak and Wurlitzer).  The Pendleton location was in Frontierland, a fitting location, and lasted until April 29, of 1990.

While Pendleton’s Disneyland location is now gone, Pendleton itself is still thriving selling clothing, blankets and home goods around the country.  The former Disneyland location is now home to Bonanza Outfitters.

One thought on “A Little Slice of Home at Disneyland

  1. That’s so wonderful! I bought a Pendleton jacket two years ago and on the way home from the vintage shop noticed that I too had a Disneyland Pendleton. It just makes it that much cooler. Thanks for sharing.

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