Disney TV Icons in Skirt Form

Over the last few weeks, my friend Katie and I have been working on our first (of many) felt circle skirts.  While we came up with many ideas, we chose to make our first ones of our favorite 50s TV heroes, Davy Crockett and Zorro.

Katie has the same passion for Davy Crockett as I do for Zorro, and since they were on TV at the same time and both produced by Disney, we felt they were perfect companion skirts.

We’ve already started on our second skirts, and hope to pound out quite a few over the next few months, including some hand painted ones.

5 thoughts on “Disney TV Icons in Skirt Form

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  3. my fella and i went to Fess Parkers winery here in So-cal earlier this year, the glasses you get with the tasting fee have little tiny coon skin caps on them, totally cute and awesome. love the skirts!

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  5. This is so lovely! As well as all of your other felt skirts.. I’ve been a longtime and repeat lurker, but I’ve never commented. I was wondering, are your skirts made of wool or synthetic felt? I’d love to try my hand at one soon!

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