Hamming It Up at Tony’s

Thursday marked the Back to School Vintage Fashion Show, as hosted by AlexSandra of AlexSandra’s Vintage EmporiumTony Starlight’s Supper Club played host to a slew of girls dressed in as much plaid as AlexSandra could lay her hands as well as wool galore!

Now, at the fashion shows we have our practical moments, where AlexSandra explains garments, jewelry and accessories and we, her models, showcase them, but then once all that is said and done, we just like to have fun.  We’re all dolled up with cameras flashing and AlexSandra takes this time to call out amusing poses as if they were square dancing moves.

And they go from rather adorable to kind of silly…

…to downright ridiculous…

We laugh at ourselves and all around have a great time.  After the hamming it up is over, we interact with patrons and they sometimes purchase items right off of us! Which is always a delight.

The next show is in November! Stay tuned!

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