Do You Crave Starburst?

Ever since September of 2001, when I first laid eyes on Franciscan Starburst, I was in love.  I have hunted relentlessly to find bits and pieces for bargains and over the years I have accumulated a nice set.  For me, and many other mid-century enthusiasts who also love the pattern, believe that it embodies the 1950s.  Between its space-age, almost Sputnik like look, and turquoise, green, and yellow color combination, it perfectly represents the modern esthetic of the era.

Recently, a lovely lady by the name of Suzy contacted me, sharing her adorable creations based 1950s dishware, including Starburst, North Star, Tempo, and Atomic Amoeba.  Included were some super swanky pins based on the Starburst pattern, and being the enthusiast that I am, I had to have ’em!

The pins are wonderful hand-painted, rhinestone dotted beauties, well made with safety clasps on the back and go with darn near anything I own!

Suzy, the creator of these pretty little numbers, offers up these pins, totes, and even barkcloth! Yes, barkcloth with these swell prints on them!  And she has both an Etsy Store called The Crave Yard, and Ebay account, which ever is your preference to purchase any of her creations.

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