Nampa High School, 1945

In 1945 World War II came to a close and my grandmother was a Junior in high school.  I blogged awhile ago about my grandmother’s Sophomore yearbook, and today I share her Junior yearbook.

I really enjoy the little illustrations throughout the pages, and I just can’t believe what they got away with in some of them, including this one:

Reading all of the autographs is so very interesting to me.  I knew my grandmother as a somewhat uptight woman, judgmental at times, and as a very devoted wife and church-goer.  But these pages provide insight that she was fun a good friend, and someone who told dirty jokes – as mentioned above! Really? There is also another entry where someone wrote about wishing they were able to patch things up between my grandmother and someone, but the name is whited out! Yes, whited out – not crossed out, meaning it was done no earlier than 1951! Hmmm…

I have a few other yearbooks that I have acquired that belong to no relation, but I just found for inspiration and amusement purposes.  I hope to share those soon.

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