Darling at Doug Fir

Last night I went out to dinner with my lovely friend, Brianna at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Brianna is a stunning gal who juggles school, working, and being a burlesque performer, and I’m always happy to hang out with her.  She also knows great style. She picked up this fabulous bright pink dress and jacket set at Xtabay during their Black Friday Sale.

Doug Fir is quickly becoming a favorite spot of mine. Despite being built in 2004, it quickly reminds you of a 60s James Bond filming location.  It’s kitschy for sure, but in a very mild-manner and tasteful way.

Over dinner, we had expressed our expectation to get the common question “Are you in a play?” but were pleasantly surprised when on our way out, a gentleman sitting at the bar asked about our “vintage get-ups” but after expressing we just dress this way, he said he liked it and thought it was “really great”.

Tonight I get to get all gussied up again, my friend Kali and I going to see Tom Brokaw! Words can’t express the excitement!

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