Disneyland Skirt Progress Report

In one month, Patrick and I will be flying down to sunny southern California to visit my family as well as go to Disneyland.  The last time Patrick and I went to Disneyland was for our honeymoon in December, 2010 and we dressed pretty practically since we knew it was going to rain…spending a good majority of our visit in coats and drying our soaked feet inside The Golden Horseshoe.  This time, I’m throwing practicality out the window…I’m currently working on a Disneyland felt full circle skirt.

Unlike my other circle skirts, where the detail was done with felt appliques, this one is being painted.  I started the process with deciding upon a time frame I wanted my skirt to come from.  I decided that I wanted the skirt to look as if it was a souvenir from 1959 – when the first major additions were made to the park – and convey the feel of early art and ephemera from the park, after looking over many images, I sketched out my designs…

I then scanned my sketches into the computer and Patrick traced over them so they could easily be resized in the computer and printed so I could lay them out on the skirt, getting the sizes and locations just right.

After getting the layout down, I sketched the images on the skirt, and began painting.

It’s the painting that is going to take the longest…thank goodness I have a month!

I’m planning on doing some more updates before showing off the finished product…but I make no guarantees!

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Skirt Progress Report

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