Sweetheart Jewelry

Yesterday my latest Etsy purchase arrived in the post, a World War II sweetheart V for Victory pin…

I bought this fab plastic pin from bellsgirl on Etsy, and at $2.75, I couldn’t pass it up!

Sweetheart jewelry is something I simply can’t have enough of.  Personally I think my collection is rather small at the moment…but I plan for it to grow.

Sweetheart jewelry reflects a very specific time in our history – a time when our sons, brothers and loved ones were fighting “the good fight” and women at home faced change in every sense of the word, from clothing and food rationing to working outside of the home, this jewelry reflects the patriotism and dedication of the women on the home-front.

Anchors are very common, as are V shaped brooches – as in V for Victory.  I love this little odd V one that I have which has little Mexican men leaning against it.

My favorite piece may be this bracelet that I got for Christmas last year from my dad…

Sweetheart jewelry is found here and there at antique shops and shows, as well as military collectable shows, and of course the internet!

There are lots of other sweetheart types of items, which I think I’ll highlight at another time.

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