A Visit to Orange

After landing in California, we spent the evening hanging around Downtown Disney, visiting the shops and eating beignets at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen before tucking in for the night.  The next morning we hopped the bus over to the town of Orange to visit with Pat’s little sister, Francesca.

For lunch, we ate at Watson’s Drug Store, where they filmed part of my favorite film, That Thing You Do!

After lunch, we visited some of the antique shops in Orange, most of which are situated near the center of town.  One shop was Elsewhere Vintage, which is split up into three different storefronts.  The first one that we popped into was full of fashions from the 1960s through the 1980s, then we stopped by their more recent storefront that had everything from turn of the century hats and parasols to stellar 50s party dresses.  The third shop is purely menswear, and amazing menswear at that.   The staff was stellar with excellent customer service and could tell right away what sort of stuff I was into, and even let me take a peek at what just arrived from the dry cleaners before it went out onto the floor!  The quality and selection of their garments was simply wonderful and I wanted to take it all home, but I knew that wasn’t an option.  Patrick picked up a shirt for himself, and I oo’ed and aww’ed over some beautiful items, including the beautiful peach colored jacket picture below, but ultimately settled upon a pair of amazing 40s, high-waisted shorts.

Another shop we went to was Villains Vintage.  This shop is chock full of fun vintage clothing and decor! Including items on consignment from Social Distortion lead singer, Mike Ness!  I nearly fainted!  The shop had a pair of lamps – male and female matadors – that I was just dying to own! There were loads of adorable dresses and skirts once owned by Mike Ness’ wife, but many of the items didn’t fit, which was a bummer, but I did pick up the perfect rockabilly headscarf that was owned by her – faux leopard fur!  The couple who owns the shop was downright nice, and they have two adorable corgis!

It was a fantastic day of shopping, and I really wish I could have bought more, however I knew I simply didn’t have the room in my suitcase.  So I just came back with the two purchases from each shop…

My family is discussing traveling again to California for Rock Around the Park in November, so maybe I’ll keep shopping in mind when I pack for that trip!  But for now, more on this trip to come soon!

7 thoughts on “A Visit to Orange

  1. I adore the shorts! I’m long over due for a CA trip to visit my dad and I haven’t seen Soren’s 90210 family in years and years. I think we should take D to Disneyland soon.

  2. Aw, what fun! Your shorts are adorable!

    You have much more restraint when it comes to shopping on holiday than I do. I’ve been known to purchase extra luggage to fit my new purchases. But I’m not quite so bad these days!

  3. Downtown Orange is awesome for vintage shopping. I always find furniture I want to buy but can’t afford. You scored some great stuff.There’s a small tea salon there: Paris in a Cup.They have delicious macaroons.

  4. I will be in California in about 1 month… my plane will take off from Paris the 24th of March!!! Thanks to share these shopping adresses I think about all our 2 weeks trip will be about shopping vintage!!!!

    • Wonderful! Have a safe trip! At many of the shops they have little maps, a good one I picked up was Orange County Beach Cities & Central: Reece’s Antique and Retro Shopper’s Map. If you visit their site: http://shoppersmap.com/ you can download the maps for various California cities and maybe pre-plan some of your shopping, or at least know where to go once you get there!

  5. Haha! I nearly bought those shorts when I was there in December. But I already had a pile of “musts” and reluctantly left them behind! I’m so glad they found you 🙂


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