Feeling Foxy

As already established, I find myself traipsing around Antique Alley rather often.  And on a recent visit I peered into a case only to find a dear, sweet little full fox fur stole staring back up at me.  I melted.  I simply had to have him, although I wasn’t too keen on the price – so here’s a little tip if you don’t know it already…most antique malls have a policy that if an item is over a certain amount (some malls it is as low as $20, others as high as $100) they can call the dealer and you can make an offer.  In this case, my offer was accepted, and I was able to take the little darling home.

After much debate, I named him Algernon, after the character in Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest, since Algernon is sly, like a fox, but also rather lazy, and I found this little guy to be rather lazy looking, since his fur covered his eyes, making him look sleepy.

Now, to the topic you’re waiting for…fur.  Many vintage bloggers have tackled the topic of fur, and I have yet to really throw my two-cents in.  I do not support the current fur industry.  Killing animals for vanity purposes is not something I am keen on, however, if an animal is already on the chopping block for food – let’s say rabbit or cattle – then why not be resourceful and use all of the animal, including the fur and/or hides?  With regards to vintage fur, there’s really nothing you can do about it…so, why not enjoy it? The only thing I have seen that you can do with old fur is donate the item to Coats for Cubs, an event that Buffalo Exchange participates in, where people can donate old fur, which goes to rehabilitation services for injured and recovering animals to serve as bedding.  However there is so much vintage fur out there that I think these services would be overloaded with fur.  You can hardly go to a vintage clothing shop, resale shop or antique mall without seeing fur in one shape or another.  Additionally, I recall a friend saying that if one were to throw away fur, that such an action would be even more disrespectful toward the animal.  You can read some views and responses towards fur from some of my friends here.

I think Algernon will be my date for the upcoming Titanic Tea. So you’ll be seeing some more of him before the weather turns warm.

1940s Bowler: Antique Alley
1940s Gab Blazer: Antique Alley
1940s Wool Dress: Red Light, Portland
Gloves: Gift
Stockings: Metro, Portland
Shoes: Thrifted

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