Swingin’ Stagecoach

There are a handful of shops in town that I tend to avoid.  Either because the customer service is poor, if not downright terrible, or the shop is simply too…difficult (read as: chaotic and has way too much 80s for me to handle).  But every now and again I will allow myself to enter into such shops, especially if I’m on the look out for something really specific or I’m with a friend who actually enjoys the shop in question.  And recently, the latter happened and what did I find? This…

I love me some circle skirts, especially novelty print.  This skirt appears homemade, is quilted and has a fabulous print of stagecoaches all over.  Recently The Vintage Traveler blogged about circle skirts, sharing how annoyed she was with the poodle skirt cliche (something I am quite annoyed with as well) and included a wide range of other circle skirts that existed in the 50s – several of which I must either track down or create myself.  So, I’d like to throw my circle skirt to the ring as another prime example that not all circle skirts from the 50s had poodles on them!

Umbrella: Thrifted
Headband: Errr…don’t remember.
Blouse: Bohemian Vintage, Portland
Skirt: House of Vintage, Portland
Shoes: The Clothes Horse, Eugene
Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet: Gift
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland

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