Vintage Ventures

Today I received a mix of news.  First, the bad news…I received a text message from my friend Lyndsie, located down in Eugene, that one of our favorite vintage shops, Puttin’ on the Ritz, suffered a horrible fire.  We have yet to hear if their entire inventory is lost, and what this means for the future of the business.  All I can say is that I am devastated, and my thoughts are with the owners and I wish them the best of luck in moving forward in whatever direction they choose.

UPDATE: Puttin’ on the Ritz has decided to consign all of their recovered inventory to Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage.

Meanwhile, Lyndsie has been one busy gal! She recently leased out the space of my former upholsterer in Coburg and is looking for dealers for her new shop Retro Rejuvenation.  My dad and myself have joined her in her venture, and will soon being opening up another branch of The Atomic Hideaway inside her new antique mall.

Photo Courtesy of Lyndsie Denton

Next week I will be heading down to Eugene to help out with sorting, pricing, and moving items into the new space.  Since this location will be manned by my dad, we look forward to bringing in “man-tiques” (auto memorabilia, and such) and possibly older, turn-of-the-century items.  I look forward to spending time with my dad and helping out a dear friend.  I want Lyndsie to be successful in this business.  She is a girl who loves the style and glamour of the 40s and 50s, and has a super keen eye for fantastic items (just check out that dress already in the window! And the fact she’s using Starburst in her design)!  Sometimes I simply can’t believe the things she scores!  The antique world needs to know that it is people like myself and Lyndsie who are the future of this business, and we want to keep antique and vintage items alive and pass them along to homes where they will be loved.

I hope to keep you up to date on our progress.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Ventures

  1. I’ve seen lots of blogs post about the terrible fire and it’s so sad to think of no only someone’s livelihood destroyed, but the loss of such much history and unique vintage. I hope some stuff is salvageable. As for your new venture, that’s great news. i hope to see more pics soon!

  2. Oh dear, what an awful tragedy. Though I’ve never been to that shop before, it always saddens my heart to learn that any vintage based business has suffered a devastating blow.

    On a more upbeat note though, your new venture sounds thoroughly exciting and I hope more about it with us as time goes on.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh no! What a tragedy! I don’t know what I would do or how devasted I’d feel about losing my vintage collection but a whole store of it! 😦

    Your new venture looks exciting! Best of luck to both you and your dad.

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