Drive-In Tips

Earlier, I blogged about going to the drive-in with some of my friends.  I also encouraged those of you who live near a drive-in to attend, so I figured I would also give you some tips for your next trip to the drive-in.

-First things first.  Don’t let the above image happen to you! I have been to the drive-in in the rain, and it wasn’t pleasant.  So be sure to take a look at your weather forecast!

-Visit your drive-in’s website or call ahead with any questions.  Many drive-ins have rules and restrictions.  For example, the 99W does not allow alcohol, BBQs or fireworks, but does allow pets.

-Restrictions regarding outside food varies from drive-in to drive-in.  Check ahead.  But do give the concession food a chance.  The majority of the box office money goes to the studios, so it is the money spent at the concession stand that goes directly to the drive-in.

-Some drive-ins may only take cash. Check ahead and be sure to bring the proper amount.

-Drive-ins no longer use the hanging speakers.  Instead you tune into a radio station.  Bring a battery powered radio so you do not have to use your in car radio.  I have observed many cars in need of a jump at the end of the night.

-If you drive a coupe, I recommend sitting outside of your car.  Bring along folding chairs to set up in front of your car.

-If you drive a hatchback, you can back in to your spot, and lift your hatch up and sit inside the back.  Bring along string or something similar to pull your hatch down to an appropriate level, so those behind you can see the screen.  Common courtesy, folks.  The 99W has what I call the “Twine Police” who go around checking on hatches and give you string to bring your hatch down.

-If you have a pick-up, give consideration to an air mattress.  I’ve seen everything from air mattresses to real mattresses to sofas in the back of pick-ups.

-Regardless of what you drive, remember blankets! And maybe a few pillows too.

-Arrive early to ensure getting a good spot.

-Bring along games or a football or something similar.  You are going to be hanging around awhile while waiting for dusk to arrive.

Have fun and enjoy the show!

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