Patio Pretties

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the “squaw” (also known as “patio” or “fiesta”) dresses and sets or western or Mexican themed items in general.  (The fact of the matter is I dream of having a room dedicated to black velvet matador paintings, taxidermied jackalopes and Zorro memorabilia)  Popular in the 1950s, these dresses or two piece top and skirt sets were reminiscent of the wild west and dazzling golden age of old Spanish California.  A recent conversation in the wake of the floral print party, my friend Angelica and I discussed having a party where each person would wear one of these patio ensembles, and so we did, leaving Casa Del Matador in, as Angelica put it, “a haze of rickrack”.

I had a very lovely and relaxing evening with Angelica, her friend Candice (who made her dress, I might add!) and her husband, as well as Teresa (with whom I did many of AlexSandra’s fashion shows with) and Jennifer of Jumblelaya.  It was simply fantastic seeing the various takes on the “squaw” outfit, and no two were alike.  We talked about movies, art, travel and of course vintage, all while sipping away at margaritas.

Dress: Fashion by Robert Black, Scottsdale, Arizona
Belt: Bohemian Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Hair Flower: Fabric Depot
Silver Bell Earrings: Private Sale
Bull & Matador Scatter Pin Set: AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium
Mariachi Band Charm Bracelet: Gift from my dad
Tooled Leather Purse: Expo
Shoes: Thrifted

11 thoughts on “Patio Pretties

  1. I love rickrack detailing on dresses, especially pretty patios! You look gorgeous in red and I love the lady’s dress in the middle. Was this the homemade one?

  2. You look so lovely, as always, looks like you stepped right out of the 50’s (my favorite decade:) You always have the cutest charm bracelets!

  3. Beautiful! And I see you’re wearing your “new” shoes from your last post! I really like this look, but these kinds dresses are very few and far between up here in the cold north! lol!

    I’d love to see a tutorial on your hairstyle! Looks chic and simple. My favourite!

    • There are some on Etsy if you ever find yourself in need of one in your closet. 🙂

      Thank you! I’ve been tossing around the ideas of doing hair tutorials. It’s just some days my hair doesn’t want to cooperate! I had never done this style of hair before, and really lucked out on it. I think it will become my go-to for future squaw dress outfits, and once I’ve nailed it I’ll do a tutorial.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I adore red on redheads, and sport crimson hues often myself, too. I’ve long been a fan of patio dresses and separates, too, but haven’t yet found a dress/outfit that my wallet was happy with. I’d love to land a pink or teal/turquoise one some day, or now, after seeing this great post, a red one, too! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you! They can run pricey. I was lucky enough to score a few from this dealer in Arizona who had a abundance and sold them to me very cheap. I understand though! I am dying for a Swirl dress, but can’t find one to fit my pocket book either. Oh, a pink one! That would be super cute! I wish you the best of luck on your hunt for one.

  5. HOLY CRAP. This is my favourite outfit ever. I LOVE the brooch details. So cute and funny. I am going to scour ebay for similar brooches in the future.

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