Perfect Park Finds

Ah, summer… a time when there is an antique show nearly every weekend.  This weekend brought Antiques in the Park, a show that takes place in the small town of Brownsville and has become a tradition for my dad and I.  Since the town was also hosting a small car show in conjunction with the antique show, we drove our 1929 Model A to sit amongst many other lovely cars as we perused the spaces.

For once, I was nearly able to buy everything I really wanted to.  I picked up a fencing blade, very similar to Zorro’s, a fabulous tooled leather purse (I know I have a ton, but this one is unlike any I’ve seen!), a Starburst vegetable bowl, my first head vase, and a large orange brooch which matches a smaller one that I was given.  The brooch is by far my favorite piece.  It just makes me smile, and makes me feel like I’m wearing a tiny bit of California.

I also bought a few pieces The Atomic Hideaway (both locations).  So be sure to peek in later this week to see if there is anything you can’t live without.

Also, tune in tomorrow for the second post in the new Manly Mondays series, written by my husband. If you missed last week’s introduction post, view it here!

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