Palm Trees and Airplanes

Yesterday I met up with Rhiannon of Garb-Oh Vintage and we visited a variety of vintage clothing shops downtown, including our friend Christine’s shop, Living Threads.  I hadn’t been in in a few days, and I was in for a treat! I not only found a pair of pants (a treasure in themselves!) but I also found this killer dress…

Yes, yes, those are hibiscus flowers, palm trees and airplanes! I was jumping up and down in Christine’s shop over it.  Yeah, I do things like that. And then I got smacked with another shocker…it’s 80s! 80s! SHWA!? I knew that the 1980s took many cues from then 1940s (ahem, shoulder pads and peplums, anyone?) but I never knew there were any pieces this convincing!  And of course, because it was 80s, it was a fraction of the price of that a 1940s piece similar would be.

It also has a darling little bustle in the back…it isn’t too visible here in the picture, but it’s there!

And the best part? It didn’t cost me a single red cent.  Christine is always interested in doing trade so I got this, the pants, and Patrick a shirt with some credit I had racked up in her shop. Yep, I’m pretty much a happy camper.

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