Hats and Suits, Oh My!

Three times a year a massive antique show rolls into town. The Palmer Wirfs Antiques and Collectables Show! Basically my whole year revolves around these events. They are the first things to go into my calender each year, and if you got something happening that weekend, I’m sorry, but I’m not attending! Yeah, it’s that big of a deal.  No matter your fancy you’ll find something you want and I often come home with bags full of delightful vintage finds…

This year I stumbled upon three fabulous hats…

The tan, feathered one has no tag, but a perfect veil.  The pale blue, floral one is a New York Creation.  And the stellar black one is a Harryson New York.  And really, none of these photos do the hats justice…I’m sure you’ll be seeing them though in future entries.  Especially the black one!

As well as three amazing suits!

I really scored on the magenta suit by Brucewood. It had a price tag of $125, but due to some issues that had gone unnoticed by the dealer, I got it for $40! Once again, the photo does not do the beauty justice.  It may get it’s very own post in the near future.  The blue and white suits came together, but only the blue one has a label, which is a Sacony Palm Beach.

Additionally, I picked up a pair of fully-fashioned stockings (for $1!!), and a wonderful confetti bracelet and earrings set.

I also added to my anti-Vietnam/LBJ button collection (which I blogged about earlier)…

I thought the “Draft Beer, Not Students” one was rather fitting for Portland, since we’re known for our breweries.

On Saturday I attended with my dad and Ann, and on Sunday I went with Anthony, one of the employees of Antique Alley, and we had a delightful time bumping into various past and present dealers from the Alley, including Tawny.  Tawny always had lovely bits of jewelry, and I am happy to announce that she along with a friend are opening up a new shop! Crackerjack, located at 2926 NE Killingsworth, here in Portland.  Their first day is this Saturday, November 3rd and they will be open Thursday through Tuesday, 11 am to 6 pm.

I hope you all had a good weekend! And those of you on the east coast are safe!!

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