Zorro to the Rescue

Once again Instagram has gotten me into trouble.  Recently Sweet Ludie’s, a brick-and-mortar shop in Georgia, posted a picture of a Zorro handkerchief.  AlexSandra saw the photo, mentioned me to get my attention and I promptly asked if I could purchase the item via PayPal, and I learned there were three (two duplicates) and a few clicks later, the beauties were making there way to me!

Hat: Thrifted by my dad!
Sqaw (aka Patio or Fiesta) Dress: Fashions by Robert Black
Tooled Leather Wedges: Villain’s Vintage, Orange, California
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Zorro Charm Bracelet: Ebay
Zorro Handkerchief: Sweet Ludie’s

8 thoughts on “Zorro to the Rescue

  1. That outfit couldn’t be more perfect!! Especially with the subtle Zorro charm bracelet. 🙂 And the backdrop you chose is perfect!

  2. Just lovely! I love all your squaw/patio dresses, and the hankie is perfect with the dress. I also like your hairstyle, goes well with the dress. And your long beautiful nails…they are definitely ravishing in red!

  3. This whole outfit is so fantastically cool, creative and fun! As far as hankies go, they just don’t come any more awesome than this, if you ask me. Fabulous outfit – you’ve got me yearning for a black patio set or squaw dress big time now! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much, dear Janey, for your touchingly lovely blog comment today. ♥

  4. Oh! You did the right thing snatching those hankies up! I love Zorro. My dad would use a VHS tape and record episodes that came on daily at 4 in the morning (usually the same tape over and over, so they ended up recording over each other). It made a special morning treat to share between my sister, my dad and me.

    You look so lovely btw.

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