Just a Few Treasures…

This weekend was the third, and final, Antique Expo of the year… Dealers are trying to hustle their Halloween decorations just days before the holiday, and kitschy ceramic Santa Clauses are at every turn.  While the show didn’t expand my wardrobe (and this time I’m quite thankful) it was still a lot of fun and I left very contented…

I bought my fair share of Christmas decor, including more space themed ornaments (I decorate our entire tree in space patterned ornaments), this cute ceramic girl, and more “demented” reindeer…

While I’m not one of those gals who constantly tucks away baby clothes for that future child, I couldn’t resist this child sized fringe leather jacket. Our child will be a cowboy/girl whether they like it or not.

I also bought a few vintage Disneyland souvenirs…

The Tinkerbell piece is actually a flasher button, the other image reads “I ‘tink’ it’s great!”.  The Dale flasher is a luggage tag, and on the back, below the space for your address, reads “A Souvenir from the Art Corner at Disneyland”.  The Mickey charm has a hang tag which reads “Disneyland”, and will be the beginning of a Disney themed charm bracelet I’d like to start.  And while It’s a Small World is not one of my favorite attractions, it couldn’t pass up this charm bracelet.

But by far the best find of the day was something I really never thought I’d ever own…a Walt Disney autograph…

My dad purchased (and has entrusted me as its guardian) this from an autograph dealer that we’ve bought from before, and had this Disney autograph authenticated by JSA Authentication. The dealer also told me that he purchased the item, from the woman who requested the autograph.  She worked at the Disneyland Hotel, and saw Mr. Disney walking through the hotel, and grabbed the first thing she could get her fingers on, which happened to be a matchbook for the Disneyland Hotel.  I love that this isn’t just an autograph from one of my favorite figures, but the fact it is done on a piece related to Disneyland itself.  Now to decide how I want it framed!

Check back soon for another post about how I prep for Expo! It’s overwhelming to a lot of people, and I often get questions about it! So I’ll tackle that subject very soon!

7 thoughts on “Just a Few Treasures…

  1. Be still my heart…Walt’s autograph!!! *sigh* I have my autograph book from the year Disney World opened in Florida with all my special signatures.

  2. Such delightfully lovely finds!!! I was thinking about you so much while Expo was underway…hoping that in a year or two, I’ll be able to follow in your footsteps and visit my first. I love your cute little ceramic Christmas girl figurine. She reminds me a lot of one that my mom has, which has been in the family for as far back as I can remember.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I’m so jealous about the Walt Disney signature!! Fantastic!! I was just given the same Disneyland Hotel matchbook while making a few purchases at a recent estate sale I attended last week! 🙂

  4. Jeez, that Walt autograph (on a Disneyland Hotel matchbook, no less) is awesome. That has got to be worth $2000 or thereabouts.

    The “Tink” flasher button is one of the hardest to find from that set of four. And the Dale flasher was also used on an Art Corner postcard.

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