Spooky, Deadly, and Cute

While I haven’t been feeling the Halloween spirit too much, it did just barely sneak into my luncheon outfit in the subtlest way possible…

I mentioned earlier I may have been sucked into the whole pin thing when in Disneyland and my finger has been clicking the “bid” button on Ebay a little too often. Which resulted in getting this delightful spin on one of my favorite Haunted Mansion aspects – the two duelers in the ballroom scene.

As for Halloween, we are going to a Kick-Ass Oregon History event about Portland’s more gruesome past (and, no, I am not saying that the event is “kick-ass”, that’s actually what it’s called), which also features a burlesque show.  Costumes are encouraged, and I’ll have to see if my last minute costume idea pans out, otherwise I’ll just be kind of doing a “dark” 40s look.  Either way, you’ll see the costume or outfit! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Letterman Sweater: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Sweater: Garb-Oh Vintage
Skirt & Shoes: Don’t remember
Tights: Target
Purse: Made by me!
Headband: Forever 21, I think…like six years ago.
Earrings: Gift from my Dad.
Chip ‘n Dale Pin: Ebay

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