Holiday Time in PDX

It has been insanely cold the last few days here in Portland, and the other day we even had a bit of snow! But today Patrick and I braved the below freezing temperatures (seriously, it never got above 29F!) to visit some of our favorite shops downtown to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Despite getting constantly asked to sign one petition or another, and being panhandled, I still enjoy Portland’s downtown. There is a good combination of retail chains and local shops all within easy walking distance, even for a gal in heels.  There are lots of nifty buildings too, and someone thought it would be nice to get the fountains that feature Oregon animals sweaters…

And speaking of nifty buildings, the Benson Hotel recreated Portland, circa 1913, in gingerbread!

The evening culminated in us attending Wanderlust‘s holiday party, where shop owner Vanessa gave out gift bags full of goodies to the first 20 people, include ten dollars off a purchase of $40 or more at her shop! Which I promptly used.

I feel that Vanessa’s shop is a perfect representation of Portland.  She offers up a wonderful selection of vintage clothing and accessories, which highlights the keenness that Portlanders have to recycle, but she also partners up with local artisans and carries their items, which also shines a light on Portland’s creative streak.

I still didn’t get everyone crossed off my list, so I’m bound for some more shopping before Christmas! How’s your holiday shopping going?

Don’t forget to enter the What Katie Did book giveaway in the previous post, if you haven’t already that is! It closes Wednesday!

Fur Coat and Belt: Gifts
Sweater Set and Hat: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Deer Brooch, Purse and Shoes: Thrifted
Gloves: Don’t remember!
Tights: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon

12 thoughts on “Holiday Time in PDX

  1. Lovely outfit! Very festive, with you lovely green knit skirt and top. I don’t think you felt much chill with your fur coat:) Just grand dear Janie! So wonderful to see all the shop windows.

  2. Just when my mental image of Portland can’t get any more adorable.
    I’m really loving your hat– I think Lizzie posted not long ago about sporty 1940s caps, and I’ve been wondering how they’d look incorporated into an outfit and, surprise surprise, it looks terrific!

  3. As Usual, a Wonderful post ! Thank You !! I needed to see you all done up so very nicely !!

    We were a rousing 20 all day and dealing with over 10 inches of snow, well, lets say, NO shopping, NO visiting neighbors with my gifts, nothing but manning the shovel and blower–. fingers crossed for better temps tomorrow–

  4. I love that belt! How you manage to look so good when it’s so cold inspires me. This whole post actually makes me feel like Christmas is coming (something that’s been a bit lacking this year), I feel all warm and fuzzy. x

  5. You are showing these wickedly cold temperatures we’ve been getting on the Pacific side of the content lately (we were -17C/1.5F here yesterday) whose boss in this marvelously chic ensemble. I love the colour palette, which speaks to the holiday season, but wouldn’t scream Christmas in an unpleasant way if worn at any other time of the year. Excellent styling – the deer brooch really adds a great little sense of whimsy to ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Such a perfect Christmassy outfit, I cannot imagine how cold it must be! I love that the animals statues are all rugged up too, such a sweet and unique touch!

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