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Alright, it’s my last Wizard World post, and then it’s back to the vintage, I promise. So if you’re not into Batman, Bruce Campbell or Star Wars, or never much cared for costumes, you’ll find this post pretty boring. But let’s face some facts here, I’m a girl with a lot of different passions.

The weekend was quite interesting to say the least. There was a lot to see and do. If I had infinite money and time and magic heels that didn’t hurt after being on my feet for hours on end, I think I would have tried to make it to nearly every celebrity table there was.  Portland’s Convention Center was packed with celebrities from Elvira to William Shatner to four members from Walking Dead and even the legendary Stan Lee was there.  Other booths were packed with all sorts of goodies from action figures to swords and of course comics, because what is a comic con without comics?

My attending cons is solely based upon celebrities. And this year, as mentioned, three of my favorite all-time actors were in attendance, and since the con was three days, I was able to dedicate a single day to each celebrity in terms of attire.  Friday was dedicated to the first love of my life, Adam West, and I wore a vintage Batman tee.

Read on for more fantastic geekery, celebrities and stellar costumes!

Upon arriving for my autograph, West was pleasant, asked me how I was doing, and said he liked my shirt! Which made me quite happy.

The remainder of the day was spend looking through the booths of collectables and visiting the artists’ tables of up and comic artists and authors offering their creations.  I met Devon Devereaux, whose old horror movie inspired artwork caught my eye, and I ended up buying both volumes of Tales of Hot Rod Horror he had available.

Saturday was dedicated to Bruce Campbell as I donned my Dixie Cousins cosplay, and it was insane to see the amount of love that man gets at these conventions. I often have to explain who Campbell is to anyone I meet on a regular basis.

When I meet celebrities I have a constant battle in my head. I’m in awe, and want to let loose everything I love about them, but I also want to have a reserved attitude that also shows respect, and not talk their ear off, especially since I know there are a hundred fans lined up behind me.  This occurred when I arrived at Campbell’s autograph table.  I had him sign the photo of him and I from last year, and as he signed it, he said “Now, this is from somewhere else…” I just said it was from the previous year, and in my awe struck, reserved state, I failed to explain my whole mentality of every time I meet him I’m going to make and wear another Dixie ensemble. Oh well, next year! He handed me my photo back and said, “Here ya go, baby.” I’m pleased I didn’t pass out.

Wanting to arrive early for Campbell’s panel, we attend the panel directly before it, which was Michael Rooker, star of The Walking Dead, who proved to be quite entertaining and funny.  As the room cleared out, we promptly moved forward toward the front.  Last year, Campbell’s panel was a typical Q & A session, but this year, one of his co-conspirators, Ted Raimi, was also in attendance, and the two got up said they had decided to create a studio, and said “we’re going to make a movie! Here and now!” And the pair selected people from the audience to participate as a director, producer, writer and actors.

For each role, the pair selected a few people from the audience, then they had to prove themselves on stage and then from that the final choice was made.  I rose my hand for each role, but it wasn’t until the director spot came up did Raimi point to me, asking what my directorial qualifications were, I proclaimed that I had directed a one act in high school, to which Raimi responded “That sounds pathetic! But get up here anyway!” For the record, Campbell and Raimi are known to put on rude airs when with audiences, think Stephen Colbert.

I ran on stage along side the other director candidates and we each had to give our vision for the film. I said the film had to have something for everyone, action, romance, etc., that way everyone will love it. This excuse got beat out by the man who said that he would make the film as quick and as dirty as possible, which went in vein with the fact that Campbell and Raimi only gave their producer $25 in which to make the film.  The resulting audience based scene was quite hilarious, and I was thankful for the fun and interactive experience.

Like last year, few people knew who I was, and it wasn’t until we were headed home Sunday did someone ask me “Weren’t you the Dixie Cousins yesterday?” I was so thrilled! But I’m okay with doing fairly obscure cosplays.  When you do a very well done and very recognizable costume, you are often stopped many times as people ask for your photo, and this leaves you with little ability to move about the convention. I watched as a trio dressed as characters from The Muppets stood for over a half hour posing for picture after picture.

We spent remainder of Saturday evening in the audience for the costume contest, which we did not attend last year, due to some unhappy feet. Like last year though, SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay returned to film the contest, which resulted in a 20 minute lesson in learning how to cheer properly, I kid you not.  And like last year, the immensely popular Yaya Han returned to judge, along side fellow cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty and the Green Power Ranger himself, Jason David Frank.

There over 200 contestants, including several Batman costumes, including two different 50s inspired groups…

Then there was a perfect duo of 60s Batman and Batgirl

But the judges and audience were in agreement that the Best in Show should go to a guy who made a killer Sauron costume, complete with stilts to make it the towering height of the character.

Sunday was my Lando day.  And I was so happy that my costume received such a positive reaction, and was asked by a few people to have their picture taken with me, including a fabulous girl dressed in a creative Chewbacca costume.  We posed recreating the moment when Chewie strangles Lando…

I learned that the fellow Star Wars fan was also a fellow Portlander named Melanie who makes amazing leggings and skirts inspired by comics and sci-fi! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

I also had the chance to meet Lando actor Billy Dee Williams, and I learned that the actor is also a talented painter.

Later in the day we attended Billy Dee Williams’ Q & A, which was followed by Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew’s Q & A. One thing I love about these conventions is the ability to interact with actors. It’s not so much a prestige thing with me like “Oh, yes, I’ve met so and so”, but instead a historical perspective.  It’s incredible to be able to interact with those who have shaped popular culture, whose roles have led to millions of fans and enjoyment throughout the world.

Alright, that wraps it up for my geekery, I think. I’m looking forward to a relaxing February after the extremes of the holidays, costume construction and a month that was filled with events on both the vintage and geek fronts. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday Outfit
Leopard Print Jacket: Thrifted
Vintage Batman T-Shirt: Estate Sale
Skirt: Stiletto Switchblade, Naked City, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Gift
Shoes: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Purse: Guh, don’t remember!
“Pow!” Headband: Made by me
Batman Logo Button: I couldn’t tell ya, I’ve had it as long as I remember!
Bangles: Various

Saturday Outfit
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Sunday Outfit
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