Stocking Boxes

When you wear vintage clothing, you sometimes inadvertently collect things.  For me, that became stocking boxes.  When I began wearing more and more vintage, some of my earliest fashion icons were the pin-up girls of Gil Elvgren, and nearly all of his lovely ladies were found in precarious positions that showed off their garters and stocking tops, and I soon realized that I needed to get my hands on some stockings.  So over the years I have bought vintage stockings whenever I ran across them and they were cheap, typically that means around $5 per pair or less, and I amassed quite a collection, many of which came in beautiful boxes…

As this is quite a picture heavy post, please enjoy more beautiful stocking packaging after the cut…

But not all stockings came in boxes, some came wrapped in plastic.  But that didn’t mean their packaging was any less fantastic…

I hope you’ve enjoyed! I think I may highlight stocking tops in a post in the future, as the tops of stockings can sometimes be just as fabulous!

Is there anything that you have started to collect that you didn’t mean to?

11 thoughts on “Stocking Boxes

  1. Nice collection! I have purchased a lot of nwt vintage, so I’ve built up a collection of neat hang tags and I tend to keep the safety pins or pins they are attached with. I need to come up with a unique way of displaying them.

  2. What a great collection! I have a few boxes myself! I love them not just for the art, but for their function to protect my stockings as well! I understand cost issues, but I wish more places sold stockings in boxes than in plastic bags.

  3. Ahhh, this is such a great post! makes me want to get my own collection out to look at 😀 I’m impressed the plastic packaging is so nice – most of mine have fallen apart, sadly.

  4. Ooooh, yes please, I think the tops would make for a marvelous post as well (great idea!). This one was a gem unto itself for sure. I think this is a terrific collection to have. The artwork on these boxes is worthy of being framed and hung on a wall (not the actual boxes, of course, I mean a reproduction print of the art on them).

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful look at many gorgeous stocking boxes with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What an outstanding collection! I love the packets and boxes too. The 50’s ones are always so pretty and girly and the 60’s are just so much fun and kitsch. I would love to see the tops, all the ones I’ve bought here in Australia have always had boring tops but I’ve seen other girls’posts with mini Eiffel towers and hearts etc…can’t wait for that post. xx Shauna

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