Miner 49er

As highlighted in our visit to Sutter’s Mill, my passion for the west continues into the history of the gold rush, and our recent travels through gold rush country influenced my wardrobe choices today as we ran did some much needed grocery shopping and errand running

I found this mining themed skirt featuring shovels, picks, pans, sieves, gold dust and pouches when searching “vintage novelty print” on Etsy, one of the most dangerous things one can do.  Some of my favorite road trip memories, including this last road trip, are driving through some of California’s gold rush towns.  Sutter Creek and Senora are just downright adorable, and I adore the tiny town of Mariposa where some of my family lives.  And while it doesn’t take place in California, but rather in the Dakotas, I am a big fan of the show Deadwood, which revolves around the gold rush in the Black Hills.  So I just had to have this little beauty to add to my growing western themed skirt collection.  A few days after the skirt arrived in the post I found myself looking at cowboy brooches on Etsy (another incredibly dangerous thing!) and then happened upon this gold miner! I’d like to think it was all just meant to be. Believe me, I considered wearing this outfit to Sutter’s Mill, but the extremely early start we had that day left me wanting to just wear a t-shirt and jeans. Maybe this outfit will get its day in true gold rush town one day.

Even though the Pendleton’s 49’er has nothing to do with the gold rush (it was named that because it was released in 1949), I couldn’t help paring it with the skirt ensemble, besides, the colors worked perfectly! This 49’er though happens to be a knock-off, for which there were many.  It’s funny, for living in Oregon I actually don’t own a true Pendleton 49’er.

It’s good to be home after such a long trip, and I was glad when the sun decided to show its face and warm up Portland today, allowing for a lightweight jacket such as a 49’er.  It’s really rough coming home to grey clouds and rain after days in the California sunshine.  Meanwhile I’m trying to find homes for some of the purchases we made during our trip, as well try to get back into my normal routine of things, including listing on Etsy.  I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Fake ’49er by Western Star: Local rummage sale
Blouse: Living Threads, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Trove Vintage Boutique
Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Earrings: Don’t remember…
Miner Brooch: Thrift Pop

17 thoughts on “Miner 49er

  1. Fantastic skirt Janey!! I’ve spent many days Mariposa as this is where my grandparents live. If I’d known you were going I would have offered them to be your tour guides as they love to show off their beautiful town 🙂 that Pendleton is not to shabby either!

  2. oh i know all too well the dangers of typing something general like “novelty print skirt” or “50’s cotton dress” into the Etsy search…many an impulse purchase has been made in my day this way! lol! you’re skirt is amazing though and you’re definitely the right girl for it. 🙂


  3. Your outfits have all been sooo cute lately! But seriously, that skirt, my head is exploding! I too can easily and happily fall down the rabbit hole that is searching Etsy for novelty print anything, but what a glorious rabbit hole it is. 😉

  4. That skirt has slayed me with its epic incredible-ness. Be still my fellow gold rush/mining loving heart!!! I adore, as well, how you’ve styled here. Super fun, pretty, entirely charming outfit!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. How entirely cute. I’ve seen a few novelty skirts with the ruffle at the bottom. Never been sure if they would look to “prairie” but you have disproved that thought. Adorable!

  6. How dang cute! I love searching just for “novelty print” but I’m sure if I had a little more disposable income it would be downright dangerous. I really like how your novelty-themed things match, those are the best sort of little details. I also adore your 49er, my favorite colors! I think you (and a few other bloggers) have made me decide that I at the very least need to try on a 49er to see if it’s a look I would like to wear…. you make it look so good!

  7. I have *always* loved how detailed your wardrobe is, and how you manage to coordinate so imaginatively, and this outfit’s no exception. The pattern mix looks great, and the skirt + brooch–awesome.

  8. I live in the hills of San Andreas, which is not far from Sonora and the like. I lived in Portland for 2 years recently and miss the hell out of it, but yes, I do love me some California sunshine too! There aren’t much of any (if any) vintage stores to choose from here, so I try to buy solely from online shops in Portland– sort of my own homage to buying “local”, lol. Love the whole ensemble, the devil is in the details! ❤

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