Office Party

Recently Patrick’s work moved into a new office, and to celebrate they threw a house warming kind of party. It’s been really exciting watching Patrick and his co-workers grow as a company. They started out as a small start up, and are now part of a huge company that deals in mapping software, or this thing called ArcGIS…whatever that’s about…all I know is that it involves maps, computers and Patrick likes it. But I’m quite proud of him and his team and the development they’ve gone through over the last few years. Anyhow, on to what I wore!

Sometimes it blows my mind how I can wear something quite often, and it’s one of my favorite things, yet it hasn’t been featured on my blog yet! That is the case with this brooch, which features my spirit animal, the jackalope. (Shh…I know they’re not real, but it’s still my spirit animal)

Blouse: Bettie Page Clothing (now Tatyana)
Skirt: Switchblade Stiletto, Naked City, Portland, Oregon
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstrom
Tooled Leather Belt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Tooled Leather Purse: Lafayette School House Antique Mall, Lafayette, Oregon
Jackalope Brooch: Hungry Designs
Saddle Ring: Central Park Antique Mall, Bakersfield, California
Earrings: Aquanetta
“Doll” Bracelet: Expo
Shoes: Babydoll by Remix, via Ebay

22 thoughts on “Office Party

  1. Everything about this curve hugging, fabulous cool outfit is sublime! I adore how you partnered tawny brown with crisp white and black. Goodness, do you look incredible!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* So true! Sometimes I find, the more I wear an item, the less likely it is to make it onto my blog, because it feels so commonplace to me and when I’m putting together an outfit to photograph, I’ll often skip over it because part of my brain is saying “You just wore that twice last week!”.

  2. I adore this outfit!!! I’ve always loved vintage and western clothing, so your style resonates with me anyway. And your belt is spectacular, and I will be looking now for saddle rings and jack slope anything. And congrats to your husband and his business.

  3. On POINT! You look so polished and well out together but still holding true to your style. And as you know, that’s been on my mind lately 😉 I adore that brooch! I’ve been totally into Scotties lately (cliché, I know, but still…) and want to incorporate them more into my wardrobe – especially accessories!


    Veronica Vintage

  4. WOW! This one really flatters your figure. Bettie Page needs to recruit you for modeling, seriously. You always look great in their clothing. You sold me on their suspender skirt when you blogged about it some time ago. The blouse is also adorable, and I love the shoes/belt also.

  5. *Woops, just reread that the purchase of the skirt was from switchblade stiletto…maybe you need to model for them too 😉

  6. Pretty, pretty blouse, made even more adorable with the brooch pinned at the neck. And the skirt and belt give your figure the va va voom! Super. P x

  7. That brooch is just fantastic. I love how it’s like a little mounted head, like a trophy you’d put on your wall – it’s so unique! Awesome outfit overall. The black skirt and the tooled brown leather pieces play really well together, and everything works to make the brooch the star.

  8. In love with this outfit. Just love it. I think the western touches really make it unique-and totally in line with your style!

  9. That. Belt. Yesssssss! (I mean all of it is super well put together & looks stunning… but that was the thing I instantly wanted to steal from ya, muahahaha ❤ )

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