Hotel Del Coronado

Yesterday Carla of Tiny Angry Crafter and I ran around to various vintage shops and also stopped by one of San Diego area’s most iconic landmarks, the Hotel Del Coronado.

Opening in 1888, the hotel became a hot spot for US presidents and in the 1920s, for the Hollywood elite. When World War II broke out it was taken over by the US government and used for housing, hospital and victory garden (they still grow some items on site today!). While many movies were filmed at the Del, most notably Some Like it Hot, the post-war years were not good to the hotel, and even had a brief chance at being demolished before it became a National Historic Landmark in 1977, and has seen a massive renovation in the last two decades.

The Del is also noted for its connection to L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz books, as he did much of his writing there, and the hotel is even host to Oz Con International – a convention dedicated entirely to the world of the Wizard of Oz. The hotel is also said to be haunted, most claim it to be Kate Morgan, who died of an apparent suicide at the hotel.

Carla and I had a delightful time walking around the grounds and peeking inside the hotel. We even watched a sand castle version of the hotel being built before we sat down to enjoy some ice cream and found a photobooth!

Stay tuned for more posts from San Diego!

6 thoughts on “Hotel Del Coronado

  1. Love this hotel! When I visited it when I was 15 I became slightly obsessed with it. I read everything I could, bought tons of books on it etc. etc. Wonderful place to visit. Great photos 🙂


  2. It’s a beautiful hotel! I actually know someone who got married there and her wedding pictures were so gorgeous. Plus, a photo booth, I mean…that’s just plain awesome.

  3. What a sweepingly lovely hotel – it’s so bold and elegant, unique and eye-catching. I’d definitely want to stop by there, too, if I was in that neck of the woods. You always go to, and in turn share with us, the coolest spots when you travel, dear Janey.

    ♥ Jessica

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