Balboa Park

As mentioned in my previous post, after visiting Mission San Diego de Alcalá, I decided to visit the highly recommended Balboa Park. And now I know why people kept bringing it up. It is nothing short of spectacular and I am forever in love.

From its impeccably detailed buildings to its sprawling gardens, my eyes darted from one spot to another in an attempt to take it all in. I was especially drawn to the Botanical Building, but I was crushed to discover it was closed on Thursdays. However, as we were flying out in the afternoon of the next day, Patrick and I checked out of our hotel early and made a quick return to Balboa Park to visit the Botanical Building. So this post is a combination of snaps I took Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

As I was so enthralled by all of the buildings, I spent much of my time wandering around, and only visited one museum (of the 17 museums they offer!), the Museum of Photographic Arts. I also had a delightful walk through the Palm Canyon Trail.

The Botanical Building was incredible and I loved looking at all of the unique plants. We also saw darling little fluffy ducklings outside the building!

Upon returning home I discovered the park is also home to a cactus garden as well as a desert garden, of which I am heartbroken to have missed. Oh well, I guess that means I’ll just have to visit sometime again in the future! In many ways Balboa Park reminded me of another Californian institution I am so deeply in love with, the Huntington. Another place I would love to visit again, as I haven’t for around ten years or so.

There will be one more San Diego post! Then that’s it! Look for it tomorrow!

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