Treasure Island

After visiting Mission San Juan Bautista, we took a very quick detour to visit another filming location, the Treasure Island Administration Building, located on Treasure Island between San Francisco’s downtown and Oakland. The building is one of the most accessible filming locations from one of my favorite films, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. While Petra may be the most iconic location in the film, Jordan isn’t exactly easy for just anyone to visit.

Seem familiar? Well, the Administration Building of Treasure Island was used for the airport in Berlin.

I didn’t do must research to see if we could go inside (as it was really the exterior that was important), but we arrived after 5:00 and when I pulled at the massive doors they were locked.

After snapping a few quick pictures, we intended to go to Mountain View Cemetery to visit the grave of Elizabeth Short (a good follow up to visiting where her body was found). But time and unpleasant weather (as you can see it was quite windy, and rather chilly, and I wasn’t exactly dressed for it!) ruled it out. While I was initially bummed out, I recently saw Elisa of Like a Tree in the Desert visited, and I saw how beautiful the cemetery was! I would have been even more upset to just run in and run out of such a gorgeous cemetery! I had no idea it was so stunning! I think that a visit to Mountain View will happen in the future, maybe next time we visit the Walt Disney Museum we’ll swing by, as I think it deserves a proper visit with ample time to walk around.

While I usually do a haul post from the shopping we do while traveling, our apartment has recently been taken over by the titanic task that is packing up our apartment, and leaves it in a rather unfit state to take pictures, plus one garment has already been shoved into the bag to go to the dry-cleaner, another had seam split, and already been packed up in a box labeled “Repairs Pile”, and another is in the hand-wash pile. But I am certain that over time you’ll see my treasures from this road trip. I think this wraps it up for post from this trip, with the exception of our 120 shots from Disneyland, which have just now been dropped off to be developed. But as you can see, these posts have really highlighted what it is about California that is so alluring to me; roadside Americana, Disneyland, and filming locations, among so many other things that I look forward to visiting once we get settled into our new place. I’m unsure how much more blogging will happen between now and arriving in Orange, we have a little under a month left in the City of Roses, but I’m certain a few posts will get in!

4 thoughts on “Treasure Island

  1. Wow! I had no idea that building was on Treasure Island! Hopefully after you move and are all settled you will soon get to venture back up north to visit the final resting place of Ms Short. Such a beautiful place. Thanks for mentioning my post! 😉

  2. Moving, especially across province/state lines, is such a huge undertaking (I speak from plenty of experience). Please don’t worry for the tiniest of moments about how often you’re able to blog or not (or for that matter, how much you’re online point blank). This is super exciting, important time in your life and it deserves your full attention.

    I wish you guys both the very best move possible!!!

    ♥ Jessica

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