Aloha Portland

In this case, “Aloha” means “Goodbye”. Last night Patrick and I had a small going-away party at one of our favorite bars in town, Hale Pele. The fabulous tiki atmosphere I felt was fitting as we were traveling to a more tropical climate, and it gave me a very good excuse to wear my new-to-me Hawaiian frock!

Hale Pele offers the Chieftain’s Hut for reservations, a large, somewhat enclosed, booth located in the back of the bar. I had such a swell time chatting with friends that I really just failed miserably at taking photos, aside from these that Patrick snapped before heading over. I adore Hale Pele because it is so incredibly well themed, with the perfect level of kitsch, and offers incredible drinks, in addition to small, but tasty Hawaiian dishes.

I picked up this dress shortly after getting back from our vacation/secret mission. The reality of moving had set in when we returned, and I wasted no time in going through my closet and pulling out items to part with. Living in the Pacific Northwest automatically means you fill your closet with a buffet of wool skirts and dresses, and a plethora of coats, as nine months out the year a coat is all people will see of you! And many of the items would serve little to no purpose in Orange County, so I promptly filled up two bags to take to Sarah at Simply Vintage and traded in a stack of wool for this sarong that had been tempting me the moment it came into the shop. It fit like a glove and I adore the color palette.

It was wonderful to hang out with so many of my friends. It was also the first time that many of my friends from different circles met and while I initially dreaded the notion, everyone got along swimmingly! I’m in a mix of emotions as I am still very, very excited about the move, and the notion of doing more things, but I know there is a lot I am going to miss about Portland, especially my friends. I will miss using the excuse “I live in Portland” that I would use on myself if I was concerned about an outfit. Portland’s motto (which was stolen from Austin) is “Keep Portland Weird” and there are quite a few Portlanders who do their job of keeping Portland weird, and I felt that any time I was concerned about an outfit, I just told myself that anything I wore was okay because I lived in Portland. I will also miss the extreme ease of living here, especially in my neighborhood, where I am across the street from a Trader Joe’s, two blocks from a Whole Foods and the antique mall where I vended, which coincidentally has a Postal Annex located upstairs, which made shipping Etsy orders incredibly easy. There is a swell movie theatre just a block away, as was my dentist. And I was minutes from downtown. But easy living isn’t all there is to life. What is the point in easy living if you don’t actually live? And it is this sentiment that really made the decision to move. The fact that weekends were spent shopping, at the movies, or sewing, but when we went on vacation, we were way more active than we were at home, with a laundry list of places to visit, and we would always leave with only a handful crossed off. Today as I pack, I am trying to think of all of the wonderful places we’ll visit, the patio atmosphere I want to create, the frequent visits to Disneyland, and the friends I already have in southern California, and the new ones I hope to make. I also know that the goodbyes I made last night isn’t forever. I have so many friends who love Disneyland, and will visit, additionally, with the wonders of the internet it is so easy to keep in touch and up to date on what’s happening with your friends.

Dress: Sun Fashions of Hawaii, Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell by way of Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Thrifted
Coconut Bracelet: Antique Alley, I think…

17 thoughts on “Aloha Portland

  1. What a stunning dress and beautiful way (party + this post) to say goodbye to a city that you’ve called home and countless memories in over the years.

    I have a seriously awesome feeling about this next chapter in your life and am already exited to see the outfit (and other kinds of) posts you’ll be sharing with us from sunny California.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You look fantastic in that dress! And now you can dress for summer almost all year round! I’m so excited for you, and super jealous of your annual passport! 😉
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn
    PS. Hale Pele is the best!

  3. Oh wow! You look like a pin up girl, nice!!! Love the shoes and bag also. A trader joes across the street, and whole foods a couple blocks away? You lucky duck. I still hate moving where I did because I don’t have a whole foods or healthy restaurant choices. I’m sure you will still have the same conveniences you had in portland though, and more being CA, just maybe not as close.

  4. How a fantastic adventure you are about to enter!!!! Of course it’s a bit sad to leave people that you like but you will meet so many new friends also… I hope that we will be able to meet you next year in LA, we are hoping to go in April for Viva, you will have no excuse to not go next year!!! There are so vintage nice events in LA and also vintage lovers, nice places to visit and…. SUN!!!!

  5. This is exactly how I feel about my move to Florida! I have some great things going on in my life here in Ohio but I know Florida is going to be amazing and I’m sure California will be just as epic for you. I too am looking forward to leaving behind wool and coats for warmer weather.

  6. What a babe you are! And how special that everyone got together to bid to the two of you farewell. You have a lot to look fwd to. Things will just keep getting better and better xox

  7. You look stunning in that dress, it is beautiful (as are you). I like the idea of keeping Portland ‘weird’, just remember Orange is all about making yourself happy – if you’re happy with what you’re wearing, then stuff everyone else 😉 That’s my motto, and much as it often infuriates Mr LPU (though I know he likes it really) it’s one I enjoy sticking to.

  8. You look so stunning in this dress, Janey!
    It’s great you had such a lovely going away party surrounded by great friends. I’m sure they’re just as excited and happy for you on this next journey in your life. ❤

  9. You look like a total babe in that dress, so I’d say your trade was a good one. It’s always nice to commemorate a big change with a nice addition to your wardrobe.
    Good luck with your big move! And there are plenty of weirdos in California, I don’t think you’re going to get a chance to miss that excuse.

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