La Vie en Rose

Oh my! It has been awhile hasn’t it? Well, with good reason. Shortly after hitting the “Publish” button on my last post, Patrick and I drove into LA to pick up my brother and his girlfriend, who took the train down from Oregon to spend some time at Disneyland. I ended up spending most of the days they were here with them at the park, and the day they left was my first day with the Disneyland Resort as a Cast Member, so the last few days have been taken up by training. (Which has been both interesting and tiring.) And today I bring you yet more Disneyland! Yesterday we joined our fellow vintage and Disney loving friends for an afternoon at the park. Last month’s theme was blue, and taking inspiration from Valentine’s Day, this theme was pinks and reds! Once again, my planned outfit was thwarted, but not by heat this time! Instead it was a chance of rain!

We met up, rode a few attractions and enjoyed drinks at Carthay Circle before the rain started to put a dapper on our fun. It was a bit blustery too. Personally, I was beat from the days I spent at the park with my brother, as well as my two days of training, which were not limited to sitting learning about Disneyland, but also included walking about the Resort. Additionally I had another day of training was slated for the following day, so all of that, combined with the rain made for the decision for Patrick and I to bail early, spending the rest of the evening at home watching the Oscars.

The funny thing about this dress is that I have the exact same dress in pink with white accents! So when I spied it in silver with pink accents I snapped it up, especially because I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets. It was a difficult dress though with regards to finding shoes for it, as both silver and/or bright pink shoes are difficult to find! But I scored these pink shoes recently and they match not only the dress, but this coat perfectly too! They aren’t my favorite style of heel, as I am much more a fan of heels with a larger footprint in the actual heel department (I prefer about a square inch) but when it comes to certain colors, I’ll settle for nearly any style!

Have you ever had a dress that you had difficulty matching accessories with? Or have you ever found the exact same vintage dress in a different color?

Coat: Red Fox Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Dress: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Shoes: Thrifted
Purse: Christmas present from Patrick, but from Disneyland
Pin: From the Cultivating the Magic Tour at Disneyland

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