Bunny Hop!

It’s spring, and Easter is right around the corner! And the season and the holiday gives the Disneyland Resort the perfect opportunity to bring out some long lost rabbit friends, including one of my favorites, Roger Rabbit! So earlier this week Patrick and I went to visit them! For the occasion, I pulled out a tee I have had for I would say roughly a decade, one that features Roger’s love of his life, apple of his eye and cream in his coffee, the one and only Jessica Rabbit.

It was a delight to meet Roger, and he quite liked my shirt, as well as my headband. We also visited with other Disney Rabbits, including Thumper from Bambi, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Br’er Rabbit from Song of the South, or for those who have not seen Song of the South, (as it has never been released in any form of home entertainment) Disneyland’s attraction Splash Mountain, as well as Pluto who tried to blend in by wearing his own pair of bunny ears. Mickey and Minnie were also present wearing their spring finest!

The Springtime Round-Up also featured a very talented egg decorator, who was meticulously hand painting extremely detailed Disney characters on eggs of various sizes! She even featured some of my favorite characters, including Clarice.

For those planning to visit Disneyland between now and April 12th, you can visit your favorite rabbits at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree every day of the week, but after that, they will only be there on the weekends, through June 7th. I hope you all are having a lovely spring!

Tee: Hot Topic, but like I said, like, ten years ago.
Skirt: Switchblade Stiletto, Naked City, Portland, Oregon
Belt: I can’t remember!
Shoes: Pleated Toe by Re-Mix
Roger Rabbit Headband: Made by me

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