This Ain’t My First Rodeo

Oh my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, and then it actually rained for a couple of days. But last week I tagged along with Patrick when he went into Redlands for work two days, and did a bit of shopping. Surprisingly enough, Redlands has quite a few antique malls and a few thrift stores, where I found a handful of things, but nothing too crazy, mostly practical items, like hatboxes and buttons. Then the following day I decided to head into Riverside after dropping Patrick off at work. I moseyed down aisle after aisle at antique mall after antique mall and wasn’t finding anything! It was sorely disappointing, then at my last antique mall my jaw hit the floor. There in the window was quite possibly one of most magnificent skirts I have ever seen. A western themed border print skirt I had never seen before, so I rushed to the counter to request them to take the skirt off of the mannequin, where I quickly whipped out my tape measure and check to see if it would fit, and it was perfect! I continued to shop, clutching and, a few times, petting the skirt, looking quite possibly like James Bond’s nemesis, Blofeld stroking his cat.

I couldn’t wait to wear the skirt, so it was an easy option when getting dressed to go out for brunch at Arthur’s Coffee Shop, a western themed breakfast joint here in Orange. Sadly my purse strap broke as I stepped out of the car, and it instantly turned into a clutch. The skirt is a most welcome addition to my growing border print collection, as well as to the western themed items. Another new addition is my Siesta jacket. I’ve been wanting one of these wool fringed beauties for awhile, along with a Chimayo, and recently scored this on Ebay. I’ll openly admit, I loathe buying on-line, and it could honestly be a blog post within itself, but sometimes there are items you will have better luck finding on-line, and a Siesta is one of them. And despite how much I love this jacket, and its reasonable price, it still perpetuated my hate of purchasing on-line, as it arrived reeking of cigarettes. Despite shoving it in a paper bag of newspaper and baking soda and letting it sit for a few days, it still smelled. It’s now being shot with Febreze daily, and sitting outside on our shaded patio.

Sadly, the skirt features no label, which doesn’t surprise me, as I believe most of these border print skirts were homemade, and whoever did make it, did a great job, and the hem has one of the best blind-stitch jobs I have ever seen. Additionally, the folded over twice, so the edge is hidden, which is where the makers text would have been. I haven’t come across this print anywhere else, and I would love to know who made it! So, please, if you have any ideas, comment below!

Siesta Jacket: Ebay
Blouse & Tooled Leather Flats: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Guerrero’s Treasures & Collectibles Antique Mall, Riverside, California
Saddle Brooch, Horse Brooch, & Rodeo Queen Ring: Gifts
Turquoise Shadowbox Ring: West of Texas, Redlands, California
Turquoise Bracelet: LA Vintage Expo
Belt: Thrifted
Tooled Leather Purse: Redlands Galleria, Redlands, California

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