Season of the Force

As Disney prepares for its upcoming release of the seventh Star Wars film and the development of the new land inspired by the franchise, the Disneyland Resort kicked off “Season of the Force” Monday in Tomorrowland, which involved some heavy changes to the area. Since moving, I am more eager than ever to visit the park on the first day of things, so that way I don’t have to see it on the internet before experiencing it in person, which is what always occurred when we lived in Portland, so Patrick and I were among hundreds of other Star Wars fans who descended on Disneyland bright and early Monday morning.

Just a few weeks prior to the kick off of the Season of the Force, Star Trader, one of the shops in Tomorrowland, began to stock even more Star Wars merchandise, including many items from the Her Universe Star Wars collection. I snagged two of her “costume” dresses, one Han Solo, the other Boba Fett, which I wore for the occasion.

The Boba Fett dress is made sleeveless out of t-shirt material, but, as the day called for wind (so, pardon the hair), and cooler temperatures, I got a little creative and wore a sweater under the dress, giving the illusion of long sleeves. The costume dresses are super cute, and comfy, but I ran into the problem I do with so many garments, both new and vintage, where the waist is too high. I have a lower than average waist, and this is a struggle I am constantly battling, but these two dresses were just too cute, I had to have them.

Love Star Wars and want to know what has changed at the Disneyland Resort? Keep reading for more info and loads of pictures from the Star Wars Launch Bay.

So, what has changed? First off, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues has added scenes featuring locations from the upcoming film. Patrick and I have decided not to ride the attraction until after seeing the new film. Just next door, the now title Tomorrowland Theatre (previously called the Magic Eye Theatre), once home to Captain EO and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, is now showing the Path of the Jedi, simply a short screening of Jedi fight sequences throughout the Star Wars films. Space Mountain has now become Hyperspace Mountain, and features new visuals and audio that puts Guests right in the middle of an epic battle between the Rebels and the Empire, dodging between TIE fighters and X-Wings. The new experience is quite impressive, I must say, and I throughly enjoyed it. The round shaped building in Tomorrowland was originally built for and home to the Carousel of Progress, sponsored by General Electric. From 1967 to 1973 Guests watched, via a rotating platform, how technology advanced through the years and ended with a look to possible future technologies. The Carousel of Progress was replaced with America Sings, in 1974, and was a fitting tribute to the United States on the eve of its bicentennial. But by 1988, bicentennial fever had come and gone and Disney looked for something new to replace America Sings. For ten years the building sat without an attraction, until 1998, when it reopened as Innoventions. Innoventions housed various exhibits that focused on futuristic technology, including the Dream Home, which harked back to the House of the Future. When Disney acquired Marvel, the upper floor saw the addition of Tony Stark’s various Iron Man suits, and meet and greet locations for both Thor and Captain America. Today, the building is home to Star Wars Launch Bay and Super Hero HQ. Not much as changed on the upper floor, except the addition of Marvel merch, and Captain America has left on a mission, and Guests can now meet Spider-Man. But the lower floor is now filled with costumes, props, and models from the Star Wars films, loads of new merch, a preview of the upcoming Star Wars themed land, and Guests can meet Darth Vader and Chewbacca, and I learned after a left, Boba Fett sobs so I’ll have to return in this outfit again in the future.

Dress: Her Universe, via Disneyland
Purse: Loungefly, via Charming Shoppe, Orange, California
Sweater & Tights: Target
Shoes: Re-Mix

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