Fur & Feathers Comes to LA!

Just a little preface: This post will show a lot of vintage fur. To read my views on fur please read this post. Please also note that unkind comments will be deleted from the comments section.

Long time readers of my blog will remember an annual event that Julie of FabGabs Vintage would put on, called Fur & Feathers, which I attended multiple times during the time I lived in Portland. Fur & Feathers was boasted as a time when vintage lovers could break out their beloved pieces that featured fur and feathers, hence the name, as well as incorporate items of alligator or snake, or other wearable items derived from animals, insects, etc. When January came around in 2015 I saw many of my vintage loving Portland friends attending the luncheon and I bemoaned missing out on the event. But in the last year I have met a slew of vintage lovers here, and I was able to put together the first ever Fur & Feathers: Los Angeles! We wanted to include the men folk as well, so prints were also encouraged, and the men came out wearing fun ties featuring birds, feathers and other animals!

In Portland, the Fur & Feathers Luncheon was held at Huber’s, Portland’s oldest restaurant, but for LA I decided the newly remodeled Clifton’s would be quite fitting because it is home to quite a few pieces of taxidermy.

We had an awesome turn out, I think we had 22 people! Including friend and fellow blogger, Christine of Smitten. And we received quite a lot compliments, which is always wonderful. I can’t wait to do this again next year!

Vintage Fur Wrap: Christmas present from Patrick
Hat: Expo
Dress (which features one of my favorite labels, Miss Hollywood): Plucky Maidens Junk Fest
Shoes: Farylrobin
Bracelets: Belonged to my great grandmother

9 thoughts on “Fur & Feathers Comes to LA!

  1. Wow! Everyone looks beautiful, what a wonderful event, so glad you could bring a little Portland fun to sunny California 🙂

  2. F&F is the epitome of a glamorous meetup if ever there was one. Awesome job on starting it up in LA, too, sweet Janey.

    You, Patrick, and everyone else shown here looks truly marvelous.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. WOW! it is so awesome you were able to host a F&F in your new home town. Every one looks so smashing in their vintage finery. I missed your F&F posts.

    I’m still working on getting a Chicago chapter started. I do go to vintage/rockabilly events but when ever I try and strike up a conversation with the vintage ladies a lot of the times these ladies look at me like who is this lady and why is she talking to me? I did invite some Chicago vintage bloggers/Youtuber I became acquainted with but I got no response. My first F&F was attended by two ladies, my second F&F event was cancelled do to no one showing up. Like the Portland chapter I was hosting F&F once a year. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the Chicago chapter of F&F noticed?

    • I am so sorry it has been a struggle to get the event going in Chicago… And I really wish I had tips. For Portland, it was just that Portland is rather small, and all of the vintage gals knew each other so when the time came, the girl who organized it already knew who to invite. In terms of my getting this going, it grew out of the group of people I met at Disneyland. Everyone here is part of the Vintage Visitors group on Facebook. We all me through a mutual love of vintage and Disney, and decided we should start doing meet-up type things outside of Disneyland, so I suggested doing F&F. So each case has kind of happened just organically…

      I hope that over time you are able to mesh better with some of the vintage/rockabilly gals you meet. I know some do seem harsh or cold. I have known my fair share of that type too.

      • Thank you Janey for your sweet reply. This makes me better understand why things are going the way they are at the moment. But I have hope and refuse to give up.hat one day there will be a Chicago F&F chapter. I did post the Chicago F&F on a local social events website were tons of people are always looking for things to do around Chicago and I already have 20 plus members 🙂 And oddly enough Fab Gabs happens to be one of those members, YAY! Till then I’m going to savor the Pacific F&F delights. And get some great ideas I can also add to my F&F meet up. Bye for now.

  4. This meetup sounds like so much fun! What a great theme! I don’t know of any other vintage bloggers/enthusiasts living in Colorado so I am a bit jealous of cities like LA and London where like minded people get to congregate. You have slowly convinced me that I simply must visit Clifton’s if I do indeed make it out to LA later this spring, if just for the outfit photo backdrops and atmosphere alone!

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