Birthday at Farrell’s

I told you to look out for another Gibson Girl inspired look soon! Because we went to Farrell’s with some friends to celebrate my birthday Thursday evening.

Farrell’s even offers an ice cream dish called the Gibson Girl which I got as my birthday treat. I honestly believe that no matter how old you get you’re never too old to celebrate with friends. I find that while gifts are dandy, nothing can replace amazing friends, and I feel extremely luck to have found an outstanding group here in southern California. But speaking of gifts I got several gift certificates to my favorite shoe shop! Re-Mix!!! So I’ll be sporting some new kicks in the near future! I’ve been eyeing the Stella since its release and want them in both blue and pink, as my shoe closet is lacking in both of those colors!

UPDATE: This Farrell’s location in Buena Park has changed dramatically! The menu has changed a great deal, but more importantly the decor has changed! And in my opinion for the worse! The Gibson Girl and the Gay 90s vibe has pretty much vanished! I highly recommend visiting the Brea location instead. While it suffers from the same new menu, its ambiance remains the same as the older Farrell’s.

2019 UPDATE: As of December 30, 2018, this Farrell’s location has closed. The Brea location, which became independent after the tragic renovation of the Buena Park location, remains open and as entertaining as ever!

June 2019 UPDATE: The Brea location has now shut its doors. The man who is responsible for the changes to the Buena Park location still owns the rights, with no intention of giving them up, and sounds like a total jerk, being quoted with “I’ll hold onto it until I find another opportunity, even a smaller concept like a quick serve, and trademark it…I’ll put it on the shelf and wait for the right window.” Source. The reason for the closure has not been made public. I assume there was some sort of legal battle between the independent location and him, resulting in the closure.

Hat: Farrell’s
Blouse: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Re-Mix
Cameo Earrings: Belonged to my grandmother
Cameo: Gift from my mother
Opal Ring: Family heirloom bestowed upon me by my mother’s cousin
Purse: Found by my dad!

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