Goodbye to the Fantasyland Skyway Station

Sorry for the dead air as of late. I caught what has been going around down here, a late spring cold that had me laid up for the last two weeks. I’m finally beginning to feel better and can finally begin to focus on blogging again.

Four years ago I wrote a post dedicated to one of Disneyland’s lost attractions, but one that still had a physical reminder at the park, the Skyway. Opening in 1954, the Skyway was a gondola lift type attraction that took Guests high above Disneyland, through the Matterhorn, and to either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland. While it closed in 1994, I still have vivid memories of riding it, and miss it greatly, as it was a great way to get from one side of the park to the other, especially during parades. Shortly after closing, the Tomorrowland station was dismantled quickly, however the Fantasyland station remained, tucked away behind trees.

Very soon the Fantasyland Skyway Station will meet the fate of the neighboring Frontierland areas of Big Thunder Ranch, as the Disneyland Resort makes way for their new Star Wars themed land. So, Patrick and I took a little visit the other day to snap some more pictures of it before it is lost forever.

This post, while about Disneyland, still hits home to the heart and soul of what I want to do more of; photographing something before it is lost entirely – contributing in some small way to the history of something. Focusing in on this approach to posts has made me less concerned about whittling down the number of photos I post too. So, gear up for a pretty picture heavy post.

After closing the Skyway, Disneyland attempted to distract Guests from it by introducing vending tents in front of the entrance staircase, but the exit staircase is located opposite that of the exit ramp from Casey Jr., and some, like myself, tucked in behind the tents to get other pictures.

These last few I actually snapped while on board Casey Jr.

I know that Disneyland is constantly subject to change and “will never be completed” as Walt Disney so famously said. I know that the building was simply rotting away, but I do hope that some pieces of it, especially the large celestial mural panel, are saved and placed in the archives. It would hurt that as Disneyland celebrates its 60th anniversary that it would fail to protect and preserve such an icon.

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