“Don’t you kind of love December”

The other day Patrick and I decided to go to Disneyland for brunch. I know it may seem really weird that my last post and this one involve Pat and I going to amusement parks for dining, but seriously, we have no food right now and it’s been pointless to go to grocery shopping, as we will be out of town later this week. It’s been on the cooler side lately so I was able to take one of my favorite sweater sets for a spin and wear one of my favorite Christmas Disney pin sets; Joe and Jenny from the animated short Once Upon a Wintertime.

I remember falling in love with the short as a child, as it was one of many delightful winter and Christmas themed shorts Disney put together on A Walt Disney Christmas, which I watched religiously on VHS during the holiday season, now if only they would release it on DVD! Once Upon a Wintertime however was originally released within the film Melody Time, which is thankfully available on DVD.

While I have other Once Upon a Wintertime pins, these ones in particular were hard to come by, as they are from a “Sweethearts” pin set that featured other Disney couples, and so finding someone who broke up the set is quite a rare thing. I purchased Jenny on eBay last year, and have been searching for Joe since, and I found him just a couple weeks ago! Just in time for Christmas at the park!

Do you have favorite cartoons or holiday movies you enjoy watching this time of year? What are some of them?

Sweater set: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Re-Mix
Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Joe and Jenny pin set: eBay
Christmas corsage: Don’t remember…

3 thoughts on ““Don’t you kind of love December”

  1. You look adorable as always! I had never heard of this Disney VHS, so of course, I had to buy one on Ebay. lol. Where did you go to brunch at Disneyland?

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