Vintage California Souvenir Linens

Not too long ago I asked you, the readers, what you would be interested in seeing on the blog. I had an idea awhile ago to share some of my collections, but I was afraid you might find that boring! But when asked many of you had words of support! So today I bring you my collection of vintage California linens.

Today I decided to focus on table clothes, scarves, and handkerchiefs, but I also have aprons and pillow shams, that perhaps I’ll share in another post. This is an extremely picture heavy post. While I am sharing ten linens, there are over 70 photographs, as I wanted to not just share overall images of the linens, but also close-ups of some areas to highlight the delightful detail and humor of these works of art. You can also click on the images for a larger view. I hope you enjoy!

Long before moving to California I had started to collect vintage California souvenir linens, if I had it my way I would honestly love to collect these style of linens from all over! I love the fun illustrations that are scattered throughout that attempt to capture the various attractions of the state.

This first table cloth was given by a former friend who actually found it at the Goodwill “Bins”, and while it has staining and holes, it’s still vibrant and I love the cacti around the edge.

This next table cloth is one of my favorites! It has so many wonderful locations scattered around the edge, including Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm in amazing detail!

Now we move onto scarves. I really love these scarves, and often think about framing them, as they are hard to incorporate into outfits, and still showcase the amazing detail. This first scarf is my favorite, as it highlights not just Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, but Marineland and the real life ghost town of Calico! There is so much detail in this scarf I did a lot of close-up shots!

This next scarf I love because an entire corner is dedicated Knott’s Berry Farm. You’ll note that this scarf doesn’t have Disneyland on it, but does of the Trees of Mystery, so I believe this scarf dates between 1946 and 1954. However it does have an error, it reads “Joshua Tree Nat’l Pk” short of “National Park”, although the area was a National Monument until 1994, when it received National Park status.

This next large map California scarf is unique in its design because its border varies from the others previously showcased, as its border is just that of the Redwoods.

This next one is different still, as the map is located in one corner, as opposed to covering the entire scarf. It’s also not as detailed, and offers fewer illustrations across the state.

This last scarf is departs from the other scarves, as it doesn’t have a map, but still highlights different tourist destinations in the state.

Next up I have two hankies that are more akin to the tablecloths and most of the scarves, with a map design.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will share more of my various collections in the future, including my charm bracelet collection, which many of you expressed interest in!

8 thoughts on “Vintage California Souvenir Linens

  1. Love them! I have the 2nd tablecloth too plus a couple of CA handkerchiefs not in your collection. So, more to find, right? The only way I’ve found to even partly showcase them is on your head 50s style. By the way, I live up by that exploding volcano found near the top of most of these!

  2. Exquisite. They truly show our state and how beautiful and diversified in natural and man made wonders that it is. Thanks for sharing your enviable collection. It’s our heritage.

  3. I live around Cottonwood/Red Bluff/Redding/Chico/Mt. Shasta area and was interesting to see how many of the maps had those cities marked

  4. So cool! I think it’s really interesting the various ways each one did the north eastern side of the state and how often Mt. Lassen showed up, I grew up with it in my backyard. 😀

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