Our 1954 Home: Floors

Oh my! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well, with Thanksgiving this week I’m actually behind in decorating for Christmas! Yes, I am one of those who decorates before Thanksgiving. But we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, and I do enjoy Christmas so much! But what has been keeping me from decorating and blogging? The house! We’ve been hard at work changing this and that, and trying to get it to a place where we can decorate for Christmas! Also I likely won’t be able to do a home tour post between now and decorating! So the first time you’ll really see the place will be when I share Christmas decorations. Oh well! But back to the house and what this post is really about! It’s certainly a process making this house a home, and I really want to share it with all of you! So today I bring you the first in a new series (and category): Our 1954 Home, where I share the processes we are going through to turn the clock back on our home in our own way.

This house originally featuring hardwood floors, and the hardwood is still underneath everything. However, I’m a carpet and linoleum kind of girl, so we decided to keep the carpet. The entry, hallway, both bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room were all do with new peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles in a faux marble. One of the first things we decided to do was the floors in the kitchen, laundry room, and master bathroom. Doing the kitchen and laundry room first were top priorities because we had to install appliances, and it made most sense to redo those before installing appliances. We originally planned to hold off on the other rooms, but we were able to get away with doing the master bathroom as well. The hallway and guest bath still feature the peel-and-stick, and will be changed one day. I think the biggest tip I can give new homeowners so far, is don’t drain your bank account immediately with every project under the sun! As much as you want to do everything at once, it’s important to pace yourself, and your budget.

I knew I wanted to go with the classic linoleum you think of, with the brush stroke fleck. But where to go? Do people even make that stuff anymore? Well, on a recommendation from the Ambassador of Americana himself, Charles Phoenix, we went to Linoleum City in LA.

Originally I wanted to try to match the colors of our cabinets and the rose-orange tile in our kitchen to our floors, however that color simply doesn’t exist! So we decided on a pale green color, that complimented the counters, while also working well if we wanted some jadeite appliances later. I also learned that the contemporary equivalent of what I wanted is called VCT, or vinyl composition tile. This stuff is mostly used in offices, schools, and other commercial type buildings. Like, seriously, this floor is commercial grade. We also then went through Linoleum City to get an installer. And when it came time for the install I got a chance to see the original linoleum floors!

I love the above photo because you can see the layers of time, original hardwood, vintage linoleum, and the new stuff that was put on when we bought the house.

I simply adored the red border, and we gave through to doing something along those lines, but knew it would cost more, and once the appliances were in, there isn’t too much floor visible, so a boarder or design would have been lost. We opted for a checkerboard look, as it would be the easiest to incorporate two different colors.

Our master bath is done the same as the kitchen with tile, but features blue instead of the rose-orange color, and we were lucky enough to find a darn near perfect match to the tile!

Like with the kitchen floors, we got to see the original linoleum when the tore out the new stuff, and Patrick snapped a quick picture. The master bath floors were less exciting than the kitchen, but it was still a treat to see them.

Since I knew I would be putting in a bathmat, we decided to go with one solid color for the bathroom.

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are from the Azrock Collection by Johnsonite. The kitchen is done with “Lamb’s Wool” and “Ryegrass” while the master bathroom is done in “Riptide.”

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of Our 1954 Home! And let me know if there are any home topics you really are interested in! Currently we are working on our sliding glass door curtains and getting rid of those pesky vertical blinds! Then it’s on to Christmas decorating!

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