Any Burning Questions?

It has been over a year since I did a Question & Answer session, so I think it’s high time to do another!

So, if you have any questions, now this the perfect time to ask me about almost anything! I say “almost” because rude or inappropriate questions will not be considered, and if any are asked they will be deleted. Your questions don’t have to be about vintage or style! Feel free to ask me anything! A friendly reminder that some questions may not be answered, as I may not have a good enough answer, or lack knowledge on a subject. Who knows, your question may spark an entire blog post!

If you have questions, please submit them via the comment section below for them to be considered! And feel free to ask multiple!

I have done two Q & A sessions in the past, so please check them out by following the links below to see if perhaps a question you have has already been answered!
2015 Q & A Session
2016 Q & A Session

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