Any Burning Questions?

It has been over a year since I did a Question & Answer session, so I think it’s high time to do another!

So, if you have any questions, now this the perfect time to ask me about almost anything! I say “almost” because rude or inappropriate questions will not be considered, and if any are asked they will be deleted. Your questions don’t have to be about vintage or style! Feel free to ask me anything! A friendly reminder that some questions may not be answered, as I may not have a good enough answer, or lack knowledge on a subject. Who knows, your question may spark an entire blog post!

If you have questions, please submit them via the comment section below for them to be considered! And feel free to ask multiple!

I have done two Q & A sessions in the past, so please check them out by following the links below to see if perhaps a question you have has already been answered!
2015 Q & A Session
2016 Q & A Session

8 thoughts on “Any Burning Questions?

  1. I had a look at your previous Q&A and the questions I had have already been asked (and been very well answered by you). I look forward to seeing what other people come up with to ask you.

  2. I was a skirts/dresses only girl until about 5 years ago when I bought my first pair of trousers and have been gradually wearing trousers (mainly dress pants) more each winter since. I have been tempted to buy some vintage style trousers several times but wonder if the wide legs and what appears to be heavier material make them as comfortable and easy to wear as modern straight leg trousers

  3. How do you store and organize your clothing and accessories? How often do you give away (or sell?) previous purchases or acquire new ones? You have so much variety on your blog. I’m curious about how much space you devote to your clothing, purses and jewelry, and whether having so many choices ever becomes overwhelming.

    And if it is not too personal to ask, do you shop on a budget?

  4. Sorry, I thought of another question I am curious about. . . I hope you don’t mind getting so many from one person.

    How do you react to people’s reactions to your outfits? You mentioned in one of your previous Q and A answers that you do get reactions, but didn’t say much about how you respond to them. I grew up in LA, and while I found it to be a generally accepting place, I still had stares and comments about my clothes. Those reactions have only intensified as we’ve moved other places. Do you have any advice or friendly words for how to respond to the varied reactions we vintage-wearers (or any other kind of unusual dressers) get when we are out and about?

  5. For Your Vintage Palm Springs Pleasure! Orchid Tree Inn, Misnamed in this vid as Orchard Tree Inn. Vid is unique in its own way. After your last exploration, my offer to give (and Send Postage Free!) my small amount of Orchid Tree Ephemera is still open. Let me know!

  6. If you have items that are vintage clothing (inherited) and you need them looked at do you have recommendations in where to go for reliable information in terms of worth/appraisal?

  7. I would love tips for selling on vintage….to buy more vintage, of course! (Loved your jewelry video….any way to turn it into a post to refer back to and/or connect to sources?)

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