It’s Boysenberry Time!

Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm has quickly developed as a tradition for us each spring. It is a time when Knot’s Berry Farm really showcases its history along with creating new boysenberry concoctions. It’s also a perfect excuse to break out all of the purple items in my wardrobe! I had planned a totally different ensemble, but at the last minute I decided to wear a dress I picked up during our stay in Palm Springs.

Like previous years, Knott’s offers a tasting card for guests to try out all of the new boysenberry creations! This year they have really upped their game. Previously the tasting card featured six items, for $25, and you were basically forced to get each of the items. This year year they have added two more items, and now you can have any of the items listed. So say you’re allergic to something, you can decided to have two or more of something else, and this year it costs $30. Sadly, we cut our visit short due to rain, so we didn’t get to try everything. But like past years, we will be visiting again soon! The boysenberry flavored fun doesn’t end with the tasting card, many of the restaurants and shops continue to offer items that used to be on the tasting card, among other items, including a boysenberry pie milkshake (which was beyond amazing), new boysenberry chocolate creations, the glorious hand crafted “Calico Soda” (one of my favorite items) and more. Even though my birthday is in spring, Boysenberry Festival is honestly the highlight of spring for me now. As someone who isn’t too adventurous with food, the event gives me ample opportunity to try things I normally wouldn’t. Honestly, if you are a foodie though, you need to seriously consider visiting Knott’s Berry Farm during Boysenberry Festival.

Not only is Boysenberry Festival a food festival, it also offers fun games for children and families and a variety of stage shows, as well as a craft fair. One of my absolute favorite vendors at the craft fair is Miss Doolittle, who made the darling mini pie hair clip I wore during one of our visits last year. Well this year she made a matching purse which I snapped up instantly! So I’m eager to use it during our next visit and share it with you guys! In the meantime you can check out Miss Doolittle on Etsy here.

Dress: Route 62 Antiques, Yucca Valley, California
Belt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Wagon Wheel Earrings: ???
Horseshoe Necklace: Knott’s Berry Farm
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet: Some antique mall…?
Shoes: Re-Mix

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