The Original Pancake House Anaheim

Not too far from our house is The Original Pancake House, which is not only an institution here in Anaheim, but a Portland one as well. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Original Pancake House sign, red, white and blue, with a cartoon version of a chef flipping pancakes.

What makes the Anaheim one so special is that it has been serving up locals and tourists alike since 1958, and still features its original building, a weird mix of colonial revival and mid-centyry modern, and its original sign. Plus it still creates absolutely delicious and fluffy pancakes. Probably second to Sambo’s in my opinion.

Exterior shot of the Original Pancake House - a colonial revival style A-frame building of white siding and brick.

Original Pancake House hours sign, open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., established in 1958.

Close up of Original Pancake House sign, of a chef flipping a pancake in a pan.

The odd mix of colonial revival and mid-century modern continues inside with wood paneling, old-timey light fixtures and some of the most fabulous orange vinyl upholstery ever. Along with a spectacular fireplace.

Interior of Original Pancake House, with orange patent leather seats, and colonial revival light fixture and photos of other locations on the wall.

Menus at The Original Pancake House, feature the same cartoon chef as the sign outside. Here the "O" of "Original" is the pancake that is being flipped.

Interior of the Original Pancake House and its orange patent leather seats.

Sadly I couldn’t photograph the fireplace, located in the lobby area, because there are so many people waiting for tables. But you can see a photo of it on Yelp here. And speaking of waiting for tables…We had a wait of a little under an hour for our table on a Sunday.

The Original Pancake House started in Portland, Oregon, in 1953, by Lee Highet and Erma Heuneke. What I believe to be the original location still in operation, at 8601 S.W 24th Ave. (also known as Barbur Blvd. or Pacific Highway.) Today the Original Pancake House has expanded to over 100 locations across the United States, and a handful in Japan and South Korea. While the Original Pancake House is still a family-owned company, each of the franchise locations is independently owned and operated. What to order? Well, the Apple Pancake and the Dutch Baby are their signature dishes.

Original Pancake House sign, red, white and blue, with a cartoon version of a chef flipping pancakes.

This location in Anaheim is located at 1418 E Lincoln Ave. Not in Portland or Anaheim? Visit the Original Pancake House’s website to find a location near you.

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