Forgotten Disneyland Attractions at the Van Eaton Pop-Up Exhibit

Last week I was invited to a preview party of the That’s From Disneyland pop-up exhibit that just opened to the public yesterday, and it was all sorts of amazing.

The pop-up exhibit showcases items from Richard Kraft’s collection, including vintage souvenirs, posters, ride vehicles and more. All of which will be going to auction near the end of the month.

Outside of the That's From Disneyland exhibit. Featuring banners reading "That's From Disneyland" in blue and cartoon image of the sea monster by the artist Shag.

"Disneyland is Dutch Boy Painted" paper 3-D display showcasing Main Street USA, advertising that Disneyland was painted using Dutch Boy paint.

Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner menu, featuring illustration of a gay 90s couple.

Vintage Disneyland scrapbook with illustrated images of the castle, rocket, Davy Crockett cap, and tiki mask.

Signage for the Red Wagon Restaurant, featuring an illustration of a gentleman in a hose drawn red wagon.

Concept art for "Tractor Ride" an attraction that never was. Illustration features a hot rod and a couple arguing in the car.

Not only does the exhibit feature elements from long gone attractions, it also includes concept art from attractions that never made it off the drawing board, like the above image for the “Tractor Ride” by Imagineer Bruce Bushman.

Parking Lot sign featuring Goofy.

Paper piece advertising the grand opening of the Enchanted Tiki Room, white, with a purple and green tiki totem on the right, and birds on the left.

Jose, the parrot from the Enchanted Tiki Room sits on a bamboo perch.

Cardboard mobile for the Enchanted Tiki Room, multi-color, reading "Fly the official airline of Disneyland"

Sign from the "Big Game Shoot" shooting gallery that was in Adventureland, and features a lion and gun. Also reads "C Coupon or 25 cents Empty the Gun"

The unique Enchanted Tiki Room mobile isn’t really from Disneyland, but is actually from travel agencies to advertise the new and groundbreaking attraction of the Enchanted Tiki Room, the first to use Audio-Anamatronics, and was originally sponsored by United Airlines. The mobile invited potential Disneyland Guests to “Fly the Official Airline of Disneyland.” The Big Game Shooting Gallery resided in Adventureland from 1962 until 1982, and was a smaller shooting gallery than the one that remains today in Frontierland, and featured various wild animals.

Original stretching paintings from the Haunted Mansion - a tightrope walker above a hungry gator, and three men on each other's shoulders, the last in quick sand.

Haunted Mansion stretching posters - a man standing on a barrel of dynamite and candle lighting the wick. A woman sits upon her husband's tombstone, the likeness of her husband has an ax in his head.

Wood sign for Big Thunder Ranch

Poster for the Golden Horseshoe Revue, a filmed version of the show at the Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland, features photos of the various western inspired acts.

In 1964 the Golden Horseshoe of Frontierland celebrated its 10,000th performance, and had a special show that was filmed (ironically actually on a sound stage where the stage from the park was recreated, but larger) and included special celebrity guests like Annette, Ed Wynn, and Zorro’s Gene Sheldon.

Overview of the exhibit, featuring various attraction posters, signage and more.

Poster advertising the TWA rocket to the moon rocket, and the castle, reading "Disneyland Fly TWA Los Angeles"

Yellow PeopleMover ride vehicle.

Artist's rendering of a poster letting guests know that the Submarine Voyage is closed for cleaning, features Mickey popping out of a sub, and a giant squid holding the sub.

Skyway attraction poster - a gondola attraction where guests rode over the park.

Mermaid from the Submarine Voyage.

The goofy sea serpent from the Submarine Voyage,

Close-up from the Flying Saucers attraction poster, features a girl in a UFO like ride vehicle.

Rocket Rod ride vehicle

Adventure Thru Inner Space Atomobile prop - a small ride vehicle with a figure sitting in it. Guests boarded one just like it, and were "shrunk." In the queue Guests saw the vehicles "shrink" with tiny versions, like this one, appear.

Perhaps Tomorrowland had the most unique offerings, as it is the land that has seen the most change. Various attractions have come and gone over the decades. The shortly lived Rocket Rods comes to mind of course, and it was delightful seeing one of the ride vehicles. Some portions of past attractions have even been recycled. Does the little blue vehicle look like it’s from the Haunted Mansion? Originally these little pod like cars were called Atomobiles and were part of Adventure Thru Inner Space, where Guests “shrunk.” In the queue, Guests saw the Atomobiles “shrink” but what they actually saw were these little models.

Dumbo ride vehicle, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride ride vehicle, with a devil in the background.

Large red neon D that once hung on the Disneyland Hotel.

So just how did this all happen? Growing up, Richard Kraft and his family made yearly visits to Disneyland. When his brother died 25 years ago Kraft returned to Disneyland in an effort to rekindle the memories he shared with his brother. But Kraft admits he “was not content with just visiting Disneyland,” and began a collecting journey that took over his home with all of these items. Kraft also works closely with Disney as a talent agent for several musical composers, including three Disney legends, Richard Sherman, Alan Menken, and Danny Elfman, as well as produce the Disney nights at the Hollywood Bowl.

The preview lasts until the 24th, and that weekend, the 25th and 26th is the auction. Those wishing to visit the pop-up can do so by stopping by 13750 Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks, and if you can’t take part in the auction, you can take home treasures in the Van Eaton pop-up gift shop, which sells vintage Disneyland souvenirs, animation cells, and more. Visit their Facebook page to learn more, including special events that are occurring during the preview time period. You can also view the on-line catalog through Van Eaton Galleries.

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