Snow White Cafe: Hollywood’s Fairytale Dive Bar

In the heart of Hollywood, right next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum is the Snow White Cafe. Boasting a slice of pizza and a pint of beer for just $7, faux exposed brick walls, and buzzing neon advertising beer, it seems an unlikely setting to have multiple murals that feature Snow White. But not only do these murals depict various scenes from the 1937 film, they were in fact “crafted by the very hands that gave life to Disney’s classic.”

Sign outside of the Snow White Cafe. Reads "Snow White Cafe Bar Restaurant" and features an image of Snow White in a yellow skirt and blue top. A maroon awning reads "Snow White Cafe Since 1946."

Myself, wearing a red peasant top, black capri jeans, and white moccasins, seated near the mural of Snow White seated in the forest.

Cover of the menu at the Snow White Cafe, maroon vinyl in gold script reads "Snow White Cafe Since 1946"

A mural of the seven dwarves marching along a fallen tree.

Script on the door to the cafe reads "Welcome to Snow White Cafe Where Your Problems Dwarf."

A mural of Snow White seated with various forest creatures, a bird rests on her hand.

A view into the cafe, white walls with dark wood detailing in a tudor style, exposed brick walls line the lower portion. Murals line the top.

Mural of Snow White running scared from the terrifying trees with faces.

A framed painting of Dopey, in his green tunic and blue cap.

Mural of Snow White and the Huntsman, who is on his knee, telling him how he cannot kill her. A knife rests by his foot.

Myself, wearing a red peasant top, black capri jeans, and white moccasins, seated near the mural of Snow White seated in the forest.

Above the bar, various beer signs, above those a mural of Snow White dancing with the seven dwarves.

Up high a balcony features painted cut wood figures of the evil queen in her hag disguise holding out an apple, and Snow White reaches out for it.

To the right a mural of Snow White seated in the forest, with bunnies and birds around her. To the left a brick wall and a sign reading "Cold Beer Served Here."

Above the door, a mural of birds an the scroll reading "We hope we have pleased you."

According to the blog Only in Hollywood, the story of the murals origin is up for debate. Some say that animators and Walt Disney himself visited the cafe frequently, and the murals were a gift for putting up with the crowd. Another story is that the owner of the cafe was a friend of Walt’s, and one day shared that he was remodeling his restaurant, and asked if Walt would like to have a movie premiere after-party there. Taking him up on the offer, Walt sent animator Joshua Meador to the restaurant to paint the murals. This version is also relayed in Gregory Paul Williams’ book The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History. Regardless of the origin, you can’t ignore the hilarious juxtaposition of beer signs and murals of Disney’s first princess. Plus, the food ain’t bad!

Step into the fairy tale world of the Snow White Cafe at 6769 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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Peasant top: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Hollywood Babylon, Portland, Oregon
Mocs: Minnetonka
Necklace: A Rolling Stone, Redlands, California
Purse: Found by my dad

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