Hooray for Halloween

While this October makes the second Halloween we have celebrated in our first house, it is the first year I have been able to decorate! It’s hard to believe we have been in our home a year now, and due to the chaos of moving last year the Halloween decoration boxes remained in the garage. So this autumn is extra special because I finally got to decorate at our house for the first time. Personally, I think it’s lacking in decorations in some areas (hell, it’s still lacking in regular decor in some places!), so I’m still on the look out for spooky decor at antique shops and such, but I couldn’t procrastinate sharing any longer as it’s already mid-October!

The living room decked out for Halloween with pumpkins, cats, and skeletons.

A cardboard image of a castle with a ghost emerging from it. A ceramic black cat with jewel eyes sits next to ti.

On the TV Ichabod and Katrina dance in Disney's Sleepy Hollow. Next to the TV a plastic pumpkin sitting upon a black cat on one side, on the other a plastic pumpkin atop hay with a witch's hat.

Four ceramic devil girls, with fur tutus and ballet slippers.

On a table sit cardboard Halloween decorations of a black cat in a top hat and bowtie, and a pumpkin in a straw hat and bandana, a piece of straw juts from his mouth. Below them a small jackolantern appears scared of an owl.

Down the dining room table, toward the secretary. The table features a black, orange, and silver stripe runner. In the middle a cardboard haunted house.

A cream and teal record player with a Disney Haunted Mansion record atop it. Next to the record player a cardboard jackolantern wearing a witch hat and a ceramic ghost sits next to it.

Below a painting of a desert scene hang two skeletons and a black cat above an orange and black couch. On the couch spirit board pillows sit.

A bookshelf full of books and DVDs, but also a spirit board, a series of ceramic black cats and ceramic devil girls, and a cardboard house with a witch in the doorway, and on the top vintage cameras and a cardboard black cat head.

A top a secretary sits a wood burned spirit board featuring Vincent Price, a skeleton, and Carol Ohmart. Next to it is a cardboard skeleton dressed as a pirate, another cardboard piece of a black cat on top of a skull. Also next to the spirit board is a small plastic jackolantern, a cardboard black cat, and an image of a woman looking in a vanity, but it also looks like a skull.

To the right curtains hang in front of a sliding glass door, above the sliding glass door a banner reads "Happy Halloween" in orange, edged in black. Above it are vintage cameras, along with cardboard Halloween decorations of a witch, owl, cat, and pumpkin. On the left a 50s chair sits next to a table, a pillow that looks like a ticket stub for a Haunted House sits on it. On the table a plastic jackolantern trick-or-treat bucket and a pumpkin with a witch hat on it.

A black cat, scarecrow, witch, smaller black cat, and skeleton.

The living room in orange and black glory with witches and pumpkins.

A small tombstone reading "Here Lies Ghost Number 1000 Disneyland's Haunted Mansion"

Close-up of the pirate skeleton, and cat sitting top a skull.

A maroon spirit board reading "Ouija Queen" and a series of ceramic black cats sit.

A cardboard haunted house, with shutters that are open, revealing yellow tissue paper behind them.

Above a window, three black cats with pumpkins, hanging below them a series of jackolanterns with funny faces and hats.

Close-up of the small jackolantern, black cat, which has an orange bow, image of a woman sitting at a vanity, but also looks like a skull, a metal horn with the image of a witch on it, and a small black cat head.

Hanging from the fireplace, a black cat with a pumpkin, a black cat sitting in a crescent moon, a youthful witch in an orange top and green skirt appears to be dancing, a bat, a black cat in a green jacket and orange pants, and another black cat dressed as a pirate.

An upholstered 50s chair on the left, a table to the left with a black lamp with green lamp shade, below it, a plastic jackolantern trick or treat bucket, and a plastic pumpkin with a witch hat.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at our home for Halloween! Like I said, this house gives us with so much more room to decorate, so hopefully next year my decor post will be filled with even more spooky goodies! Also stay tuned for another post on tips for decorating with vintage Halloween without doing harm to the pieces!

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